The Line of Control

Couple of weeks back I blocked someone on my face book and Whatsapp – the first time I have ever done so to anyone ever. Though initially I was surprised by my own stance after a while I realized I did it to save myself from further hurt.

To give you a background this person became a friend after reading something on my blog which he liked a lot. It began like the usual friendship and eventually somewhere in between began to creep discomfort. For I was being asked things like why cannot we chat right now, why do you have to blog, why are you not responding, why are you so busy in office that you cannot talk right now.

In today’s times I fail to understand how people take each other for granted so much. A simple Whatsapp software on phones means that person is available 24*7 for you to talk. Nobody even bothers to ask whether that person is available to talk or not and gets offended the moment someone does not respond. I wonder if people realize that someone could be busy, on a call or simply put just not in a position to speak. Manners anyone?
I failed to explain him so many times that I have a life beyond facebook and whatsapp where I do a lot of things which are meaningful. But the way it progressed it was strangulating me to such an extent that I was feeling suffocating. I tried speaking many times clarifying my stance and specifying what I want but to no avail.  Unfortunately that person has been through a lot in personal life but there is a limit to which someone can take your emotional garbage. You cry one time and you will be consoled. You cry twice thrice you will still be but for the umpteenth time – well you surely must be testing my patience then. And I used to always ask that person whats my fault that you have been through so much for I was being treated shabbily, given emotional atyachaar for no fault of mine, being taken on guilt trips  and I knew for sure I did not need all this for I did not deserve it. All this and more while actually we are supposed to be “friends”!!

I tried explaining things once, twice and thrice and everytime I was threatened . I was not left with any other option but to draw the line of control where I was screaming for some space and some respect.


  1. You did a right thing...absolutely.I wonder how anyone can behave like this (Being a friend) on a social networking site!! There has to be some limitation in online friendship...I mean you can't fully understand the person and her/his situation and it's totally immature to nurture such kind of expectation.

    Well, at least it's online friendship and you blocked that person. Sometimes, some people close to you behave eccentrically...every relationship needs some space...

    Take Care:)

    1. Thats exactly my point Tarang!

      And yes I wonder had that person been in person how would I have handled this :P

  2. Even if you are available / have free time, its not not necessary that you Have to chat/respond to a friend. Its a matter of choice. Its better to draw a line and save one-self from further 'atyachaar'

  3. You have choosed a ryt way pv.Above the limit everything is bad ,whoever they are ,me or you,frnd or relative.TC.

  4. There are some boundaries which should not be crossed by anyone..You did the right thing Privy..:-)

  5. It is good that you stood for LoC. Such eccentricities should be dealt like that only.

  6. You hung up with this person far longer than I would ever have. You have the freedom to accept or reject anyone on any account and they are free to perceive whatever hell they feel like thinking. If they were really worthy of your friendship, things wouldn't have turned this bad for you. So let 'em go without remorse. That's what I do. Besides, life is full of our own problems to deal with. Social networking is just not worth as much to be one of your worries.
    Take care! :)

    1. Sui... sometimes you come up with the most honest thoughts which perhaps though I know I am still scared to think and accept myself.

      Thanks soooo much for this one dear <3


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