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Blogging if nothing else definitely gives you a wondering and wandering mind. Since past 2 years I have been reading and writing very actively and hence can claim to belong to this category. Off late I have been wondering a lot and my soul keeps wandering to places I have never been to before. I spent sleepless nights standing by the window looking at a star studded sky wondering what’s in store for me next. And with those twinkling stars for company my heart slowly begins to wander.

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Depending on my mood, sometimes it reaches the snow clad mountains to give me chilly experience or it ends up by the river side with the sweet music of gushing water to soothe my fraying nerves. I know it sounds funny but I can almost breathe the smell of drying leaves in the air and feel the cool water playing near my feet. It is here somewhere amidst those hide and seek playing sun rays, behind those sun kissed mountain tops and just a little above those pine trees that my poems are born. I imagine myself lying on the grass facing a clear sky as my heart begins to narrate all that it has been wanting to say till now.

I look forward to each day to learn a new lesson in the book of life. We meet so many people – good, bad, ugly – each one of them unique and distinct in nature. What they bring along is equally distinct – a lesson to be embossed on the pages of life under today’s date. For me well they are all categorized into punctuations. Some are question marks – the people I fail to understand. Some are exclamation marks – people who amaze me (could be both good and bad). While there are some commas denoting that I am still waiting for them to make a move for me to understand them. Further some are semi colons with their thoughts leaving me perplexed. And last but not the least some are full stops – these are specifically for people I am done with. I mean whom I am not going to have anything to do with in future.

At times when I am in their presence I feel my soul wandering into the realms of their mind. I try to imagine what they are like in their personal life, what their childhood would have been like. Does this person have a sinister secret hidden deeply? What do those eyes want to share – is it pain of having loved and lost or is it the shine which one gets after having washed the eyes with tears of joy? I notice some peculiar habits and try to connect it with the nature…. While am doing all this somewhere in the dark alleys of my mind suddenly there is a big BANG and a story is born. A protagonist takes shape, adding a story line and with a little bit of mish mash here we have a nice tale to narrate.

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It is rightly said – Life is perhaps the greatest journey I will ever be on, and writing makes it greater for it takes me to places where perhaps I can never reach in real.


  1. You have honestly written what you think .Some time the ? marks has also an answer.From childhood i do, when i dont get answer ,i read,reread again and again the question and finally i get the ans(95%).5%i don't get & finally i leave that forever.So i'll say don't mess up everything in life,always creat aspace for good one and leave the bad one.kehte hai aadmi ka nature change nahi hota sirf thora deviation aata hai.Thn why should we confuse abt that.TC.

    1. Yes this post is very honest and very close to my heart!

      Something that came up just like that but I loved the way it turned out :D

      Thanks..u too TC

  2. This is a masterpiece !!!

    This is came out so nicely, ekdum touching and authentic writer style. Your mind wandering here and there. You are weaving thoughts along the line. One of my favourite post on this blog.

    Now I must say you have improved a lot over the period of 1 year since I have started reading your blog.

    At few points I just lost with your thoughts wondering and pinching myself, am I reading a blogpost or something from a book.

    It reminded me of a video by the author of Eat, pray and love where she talked about the creativity. And there she talked about an old author and her experience of writing. Surprised or not surprise your thoughts are on the same track :)

    I loved this post !!! It is really flawless, crisp and shows a footmarks of promising writer.

    Keep wandering and wondering :)

    Would love to read some more posts like this.

    Congratulations for completing two years into the blogging world :)

    1. Wow, am speechless after reading this comment.

      First I thought you are being too kind with words but then when I went back and re-read the post I somehow felt surreal. I could not believe I had managed to write this one :)

      Am touched and yes I know you have witnessed my journey very closely and hence can make such a comment about my writing.



      Thanks soooooooooooooooo much!

      HUGS <3

  3. Mind is the greatest wanderer and a wonder too. written very well.

    1. Thanks so much Kalpana, just some random thoughts!

    2. Yes, mind keeps on confusing us as well as surprising us.

    3. Very true Pankti, thanks for stopping by!!

  4. Beautiful contemplation. I can see how your thoughts so seamlessly translate to concepts of reading and writing as you talk about exclamation marks, commas and such :)

    1. Thanks so much Deepa, honestly this post began as something and ended up here!


  5. A brilliant , honest post. Very interesting take on the kinds of people in one's life. Lovely!

    1. Thanks so much Kajal :)

      Honesty is the only thing that I gave in here!

  6. Very thoughtful.
    Still making my way through all the a-z linky's.
    Oozing Out My Ears

  7. Beautiful post !! You have a way with words :)...I like the part where you've mentioned that different people come into our lives teaching us lessons..good/bad/ugly..that's so true.

    1. :)

      thanks so much Diana... Its just a little bit of hide and seek perhaps with imagination....


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