Loving You...

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Thinking about you - Wishing you were here,
Feeling as if you are around me - so far yet so near!
The moments spent with you are so few,
But they seem to glisten in my thoughts like drops of dew.
Every touch, every word, every look makes me feel like never before,
I wish the time could stop there and you could be with me some more.
Lying in your arms, feeling your breath next to mine,
Listening to your voice, seeing stars in your eyes which shine....

Makes me fall in love with you all over again!!


  1. WOW !! this is some poem.

    So mushy Privy ;)

    I am amazed at the contrasting posts on your two blogs. That's why I believe in your writing so much :)


    1. :)

      Contrasting , well yes thats what my blogs have always been and hence two blogs for the Jekyll and Hide in me !!

      Thanks so much...

  2. So so so romantic lines.Itna khoobsurat kaise likh leti hain aap.This poem reflects your thought,ur heart.GBU.TC.

    1. Maybe because it comes straight from the heart <3

      Thanks so much.. you too TC

  3. Ah, lovely! wistful! mushy! touching! nostalgic! OK OK I know u got the point.

    1. Yes dear I got the point!!

      Thanks so much :)

  4. So romantic and pure thoughts. Privy chooses simple words to make heart-touching poems.Lovely.


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