Book Review: The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

  • ISBN: 9780385504225
  • Publisher: Doubleday
  • Price : Rs. 975/- ( I got this book from the publisher requesting for a review) 
  • Genre: Fiction
The day I read The Da Vinci Code I was in love with the author Dan Brown’s pacy writing style. The reader is almost left huffing and puffing all through the book as we try to keep pace with the lead characters in their pursuits. In mood for some adventure is what I would say made me take up this book for review.

Behind The book

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 About the author

Dan Brown as an author needs no introduction. He created ripples in the whole world with this much acclaimed book The Da Vinci Code and gave the literary world an unforgettable character in the form of Robert Langdon. To know more about the author please read here

Me thinks

The problem with famous authors is they set the bar so high for their readers that a minor slip from their end and the readers feel let down. Something very similar happened with J K Rowling when she came out with a book which was NOT Harry Potter. The author has done a commendable job in his book The Da Vinci Code raising the expectations of the readers when they see a book from him having a common central character Robert Langdon. But then everything cannot be same, had it been so without any variety we would have felt bored.

The author has tried to use the same formula, pacy thriller mixed with religion, politics, sentiments of religious sects, a chase set out in different cities to unearth the truth – everything remains the same except the way it ends. For a book which is so pacy, the ending seemed to be bit disappointing.  But the excitement sprinkled liberally all across the chapters makes it up for them.

There are a lot of chapters in the book which somehow feel to be out of place, I mean the story could very well be the same without them. At places it does become dull and stretchy with the reader just feeling like flipping away pages without reading the whole page. The author’s command over language is impeccable and he could have done better justice to a story like this by ending it in a better fashion. It is undoubtedly grippy and the narrative too engrossing. Would recommend this read to people who want to read the whole of Langdon series like me.

I enjoyed reading it I would say purely cause I had loved Robert Langdon in The Da Vinci Code and was expecting similar action, though at places I was also fumbling to read and just wanted to be done with itt.
Definitely a much more polished work is expected from someone of his stature as his books are loved and devoured greedily all around the world just like that!

Foodie Verdict

This book is like risotto. Creamy, appealing, delicious and filling.

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P.S: This book has been received from Random House for review


  1. I like your foodie verdict. :3
    I've only read the Digital Fortress and loved it. I plan on reading the rest very very soon!

  2. The review gives glimpses. nice.


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