Book Review: Men and Dreams in the Dhauladhar by Kochery C Shibu

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  • ·         Genre: Fiction
  • ·         Publisher: Amazon ( I got this book from the author for a review)
What do you get when you have a management professional having worked all his life is hydro-projects? Well, Mens and Dreams in the Dhauladhar is the answer. This book is a merger of so many emotions- need and love being the most prominent. It makes a very touching read with its lucid yet gripping narrative.

Behind The book
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About the author

A senior management professional with proven track record of executing EPC projects end to end. Currently I am the CEO of a private sector Hydro Group which has more than hundred mega watts of projects under execution. I believe key to my success has been positive attitude, team work, die-hard spirit, effective material and logistics management and hands on approach. (Source:

Me thinks

It was a very different and new experience reading a story like this from a person who is so well respected in the society for his professional capabilities. Seeing him as an author sharing the untold stories his eyes and heart witnessed all these years is enthralling. It is like an exciting road trip to a totally new place surrounded by natural beauty leaving you spell bound for a moment and surprised the other!

Foodie Verdict
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This book is like Dhanshak, tangy, savoury and delicious.


  1. Good one!

    I am glad that authors are now reaching potential bloggers to review their books!


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