April Blogging Challenge - 7


G is for Girl friends 

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Throughout my growing up years I have always lamented not having a best girl friend. And surprisingly enough I blamed myself for it. I thought it’s me, my nature and my attitude which makes me ineligible to be a best friend. I grew up to be a confident young lady but yes somewhere that pinch of not having a girl friend always remained. I am reposting a poem I wrote for such a friend :

This is dedicated to a Friend, I always wanted to have but never had.....
I Miss You;
  • When something really good happens and I want to share with you jumping in the air exchanging hi-fi
  • When I see a bride-to-be surrounded by giggling friends teasing her
  • When a cute looking guy passes by and I am tempted to make a comment
  • When I lay my hands on some juicy gossip and I just want to share it
  • During those window shopping trips to malls
  • When I want to bitch about my boss and colleagues
  • When I am really sad and I want someone to make me feel better by saying " Chillax...hota rehta hai."
  • When all I want is a hug to cheer me up whenever I fail in anything
  • To eat at those roadside joints and make a hangout of our own
  • To share my fears and nightmares at 2 AM in the night

My Friend, I miss you all the times because I know had you been here ~ my joys would have multiplied, sorrows subtracted, tears divided and giggles added!!
Miss you

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But then as it is said, Never say Never. I thought I would never make one and was continuing with my dull and boring existence when all of a sudden God introduced me to a wonderful group of women bloggers on Facebook called Indiblogeshwaris.

To be honest the first time I was introduced to them my first reaction was how so many women can; in different age groups from different locations connect in the first place through a medium like this. But within no time I my doubts were laid to rest as I realized the connection was compassion and nothing else was important when it was at work.  I have learnt so many things from each one of them and though we have never met till date I can vouch for the fact that even today if I need to talk at 3 am in the night they will be there listening to me without barging me with questions and giving me virtual hugs till they are sure I am fine, raring to go once again and face life the way it comes. They might hurt me badly just to ensure I see the realities of life, but at the same time those hands will be the first ones to stop me from falling dare I take a wrong step.

From them I learnt:
·         Caring – for it makes anyone feel special
·         Loving – for it can melt mountains.
·         Sharing – it makes you feel lighter.
·         Smiling – as crying is never a solution
·         Crying- for sometimes it is needed to clear your vision to see things that lay ahead more clearly

I have cried with them, shedding copious tears and also had stomach aching laughter sessions. We laugh, we cry, we get angry, we scold, we hurt but in the end we care and that’s what matters the most. It makes the friendship all the more special. When I am at loss of words, this is all I can say ~

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