April Blogging Challenge - 21

U is for Ubiquitous Lessons

Life has its own unique way of teaching us lessons. Everywhere I see I see lessons in form of people, accidents, songs, books or simply experiences. I have been working since past 8 years and my bosses have taught me some very important lessons . Sharing them with you here:

  • Never be little any one’s feelings.
  • Never let the ladder of your success be built on someone else’s hard work
  • Never make personal comments
  • Never forget that someday you were there. Put yourself in their shoes and then TALK.
  • Remember we all are different like the five fingers on our hand. But together we make a fist which can create wonders.
  • Appreciate anyone’s hard work whole heartedly.
  • Criticize but not derogatorily.
  • While doing fault finding always provide alternatives which is beyond adding a “.”, “,”, “and” etc.
  • You could be the brain behind the idea but they are the hands which will work in giving shape to it.
  • Never let them down. They look upto you as their leader.

By stating them here I am no way stating that my bosses complied with all of these. Rather their non-compliance taught me this!


  1. Lessons learnt from Under the official boss. They can be ur best teachers whether its intentional or not :)


  2. Some wonderful lessons... learning from the 'mistakes' of others is wise and so mature... a good post for U :)

  3. haha - the non compliance has indeed churned out some valuable lessons. thanks for sharing

    1. :)

      True Priya they are deeply imbibed in my mind.

  4. crisp and clear tips !
    Good one

  5. My husband says that employees should be treated like "Gods" even before customers..the corporate scenario begs to differ I guess:(

    1. Oh yes Aarti it definately does.. I wish there were more people like your husband things for employees like Me would have been better :(

  6. Very well said, Privy! I wish eveyone pays attention to this...including your bosses! :/

  7. Very nice lessons, and they have implications not only in the corporate sphere but in real life as well. I would say, the most important is the first one: to regard other people's feelings with consideration.

  8. Nice one, and very true. I have had some awesome bosses who exemplified all of these.

  9. Good points to act upon. :)

  10. Lessons that need to be remembered and shared!
    Just Another Blog

  11. Nice lessons...thanks for sharing with us.

  12. A lot of people in my office do all these things and they almost always get the best appraisals. I wonder how they sleep at nights!

  13. Basically the hallmark of being professional. Good luck in your career!


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