April Blogging Challenge-14

N is for Need

We don’t need people in our lives; we just need reasons to get attached to people, places or things. The day that reason is fulfilled, all of that loses its meaning and we move to newer people, places or things. We might not understand it all in the beginning but eventually that is all it leads too. Sometimes it’s emotional and sometimes it is a physical one but the base is that of a need and it gets camouflaged as love, friendship, brother/sisterhood etc etc.


  1. Every thing happened in life for a reason ,many time u said,explained i m always agree .But Need may be reason but reason w'nt be need always.
    ' kaam khatam aadmi khatam'
    These words reflect only selfishness.Should we leave the parents when we grow,should we leave a disabled wife ,children,where as a lot of reason to leave ,we dont move to another ppl to leave them for need.Those who move ,they are only a alive muscular substance on earth like an animal not a human being.Emotion is feelings i.e gift of god to the humans not a need.

    1. Agree!

      But Pravir I would still say its a need - perhaps an emotional one but still a need. Think about it.

    2. Why should i think about it again ,I putted of my onion (pi is on leave today)and you yours.Ok mam i m agree too.t c ,KOR.Have a good day.

    3. I am sorry if I offended you with my thoughts / views as that was not my intention. I just wanted to put forth my point.

  2. Good thought but if that need becomes a reason, a basis for something good than it's better.


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