Book review :Uff ye Emotions – A collection of Award Winning Love stories Edited by Vinit K Bansal


·         ISBN: 9789350880388
·         Genre : Fiction
·         Price: Rs. 139/-
·         Pages: 206
·         Publishers: Mahaveer Publishers 

By now all of you who read my blog/s would be aware I am sucker for love stories. Hence when this one came out I had to grab it undoubtedly the added attraction being my fellow bloggers being there in the author’s list.

Love stories somehow make me feel all mushy mushy however sad ending they have. I love reading them purely to witness the beauty and magic of love in its full grandeur and believe me this book did not disappoint me. It has stories one beautiful than the other making it one mega epic to read.

Behind The book
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About the authors

The major attraction for me to buy this book was it has many of my fellow bloggers as authors in it. More than anything else it was a moment of pride as I held it in my hands and flipped through its pages trying to imagine the joy it must have brought to them. It’s a matter of pride for me as I flaunt this book to my friends and proudly claim, “He/she is my friend!”

The 12 authors who are a part of this collection are:

Vinit Bansal
Abhilash Ruhela
Sanhita Baruah
Anjit Sharma
Stephen Anthony
Saurabh Arya
C. Suresh
Priyanka Dey
Pankaj Mittal
Drishti Dasgupta
Rachna Sheth
Himanshu Appie Chhabra

Me thinks

Love like they say is perhaps the most beautiful expression in this world. Its beauty lies in the pure emotion behind it. But off late with the changing times, the definition and meaning of love have also changed drastically. Uff ye emotions articulates the various definitions of love very beautifully through different stories representing variety of moods. Ranging from death of a loved one, to a rape victim trying to find herself back this book has each and every form of love one could envisage and portray in the form of words. These stories do touch your heart, tug it and leave you feeling nostalgic as your mind wanders back to the time when you had experienced love first.

I bought this book as I saw some very familiar fellow bloggers names in the authors’ list, some known, some unknown but definitely a part of this blogosphere. I had very huge expectations coming from some of them whom I read very regularly. If I had to choose my favourites out of all of these they would undoubtedly be:

Reminiscences – Priyanka Dey
A love story amidst a lot of pain and tears makes you feel is love really beautiful.

A path of thorns – C Suresh
A rape victim in search of love – will she be successful or not?

Love undefined -  Pankaj Mittal and Rachna Seth
Love is the most powerful thing on this earth, but is it calamity/ fire/ accident proof?

Firstly and fore mostly a Hinglish title was a tad disappointing as I kind of detest this mixing of two languages. I feel it snatches away the beauty of both leaving only ugliness for the reader to read. Secondly there are too many typos and grammatical errors which make you feel like not reading it any further. The 3 stories mentioned above are by far the best ones which are devoid of such errors and hence are an enjoyable read. It’s truly disheartening to read such wonderfully written love stories with so many errors as it takes away the magic.

Over all as per the content, it’s a very interesting collection of love stories but for the typos and grammatical errors. I would definitely cherish it for the names of my friends which I see in print for the first time.

Foodie Verdict

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Boiled groundnuts- This book is like boiled grounduts on a nice rainy day. Makes you feel all warm and cozy inside with all the love showering all around you!


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