Book review: Tirupati – A Guide to life by Kota Neelima

·         ISBN: 9788184001983
·         Genre : Fiction/ Devotional
·         Price: Rs. 199/- ( This book has been sent by the publisher for a review)
·         Publishers: Random House Publishers

We all believe there is some super power in this world who is responsible for everything around us including our survival. Some people call him Ram, some worship him as Krishna, while some as Sai baba and there are few who call him Lord Venkateshwara. His temple is located in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh and till date He is known to be the richest God in the while world as the amount of offerings He gets in a day are huge. For me this book is in loving memory to all those summer vacations spent there, under His shelter and to all the lessons learnt under His guidance.

Behind The book

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 About the author

Kota Neelima is currently the editor for The Guardian, New Delhi. This is her 3rd book and the 1st in devotional category. To know more about her please click here.

Me thinks

Since the time I can remember I have been visiting Tirupati in every summer vacation. For me it was more of a holiday destination as I would get to meet all my cousins have no one to scream at me if I were doing mischief, have loads of fun and frolic. I also remember giving my hair there for some religious beliefs. I never took it all seriously until the day when I was 10 my mother gifted me a story book from there which was on Lord Venkateshwara ( Tirupati’s main deity) ‘s life. It was a picture story book adding to my imagination. Since then my views had a paradigm shift about my yearly visits there. The story had a profound effect on my conscious and hence when I got the opportunity to review this book it was definitely a huge YES for me for many reasons.

I have always believed that though we come alone on this earth and leave alone from here, we always need a guide to take us through this journey of life. And as it is said blessed are those who are able to find such a Guru who can accompany them through the ups and downs of life holding their hand firmly. This book comes across as one such guidance as it answers all the questions one might have about life.

The book begins with a foreword by the Hon. Head Priest of TTD , setting up the tempo for what the reader can expect in the further pages and not once has it been dull or a boring moment. With his poetic words, the author has managed to transform us into a different world altogether where we are surrounded by the grace of Shri Lord Venkateshwara. In life there are times when we reach a phase where we are confused about what to do next. At such times books like this act as a guiding light for us taking us to our destination. 

If I were asked to describe the experience of reading this book in one word it would be – Life changing. It surely changes your life, the way you look at things around you, your loved ones and most importantly it changes the way you look at life. Reading this book is a heavenly experience , a recommended read for every spiritual soul who has just began the journey on the path towards spirituality.
Foodie Verdict

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Tirupati prasadam is how this book is like - yummy!! Reminds you of Lord Venkateshwara.

This book has been received from Random House for review


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