Book Review: Because I am a girl


·         ISBN: 978-8-184-00156-3
·         Genre : Non-Fiction
·         Price: Rs. 299/-  (I got this book from the publisher for a review)
·         Pages: 175
·         Publishers: Random House Publishers

I am a girl and I am proud to be one. But in our country this statement is not something each girl can say with pride in her voice. With changing times we are witnessing a storm which is brewing up and slowly will engulf the whole country in this tide of change.

Because I am girl – Seven girls, seven lives is a wonderful collection of true stories of such girls who despite all odds changed the way the world saw them. Well for reasons of my chosing this book – there are many – First it being about women, second it being based in India, third it being nonfiction, fourth it having some very prominent women narrating the stories and last but not the least the cover page. This book is definitely a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED read for each one of us as each time we claim things have changed for women we lie.

Behind The book
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The book features the success stories of girls residing in various Plan India communities across the country. Plan India is a leading child rights NGO working in the country for over 32 years.
About the author

With an introduction by Govind Nihalania and written by personalities like Nafisa Ali, Pooja Bedi . Aditi Rao Hydari and Shahana Goswani, I am sure it  needs no introduction.

Me thinks

A book by women about women- can there be anything better than this I ask only to hear a resounding No in return. Women tend to understand each other better and hence anything written by them on them is beautiful read always.

This book is a part of Plan India initiative taken to save the Girl Child in our country. It is filled with heartwarming stories of strength, determination, grit, love, faith and hope. Page after page you visit various cities of India with the narrator to witness the harsh realities of life which we maybe are completely unaware of. 

Prostitution, illiteracy, child marriage, unemployment, marital rape, domestic violence and poverty – amidst all these things the only thing that shines the best is hope. A hope for a better tomorrow , a hope for things to change, a hope for people to change and a hope for a better world to survive.

Is right to existence too much to ask for? is the question that comes to my mind as I finish this book with a very heavy heart. I feel helpless along with anger towards all those people who continue to live in a state of denial when asked to accept women as their equal.

The narrative is so beautiful, heart touching and emotional, that I won’t be surprised if you shed a quiet tear at one story and giggle in the other. 

Foodie Verdict 

This book is like a delicious plate of fruit chaat – healthy, yummy, delicious and perfect at any time / season!

P.S: This book has been received from Random House for review



  1. Definitely putting on my list. You got me at 'A book by women about women'

    1. You should Momina :)

      I am sure you will love it... its simply beautiful.

      Will wait for your comments on it.

  2. Nice review.In Kerala apart from some odds towards the females, they enjoy a lot of hues of femininity also.

    1. I know dear.... its very sad!!!

      Thanks so much :)


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