Book review : Because Shit Happened by Harsh Snehanshu


·         ISBN: 978-8-184-00348-2
·         Genre : Fiction
·         Price: Rs. 150/- ( This book has been received from the publisher for the review)
·         Pages: 298
·         Publishers: Random House Publishers

As you might be aware by now I am an investment banker by profession and I get to meet a lot of entrepreneurs in my profession. I always wondered what goes on in their minds something on the lines of before and after. This book attracted me for the sole reason as it seemed to have all the answers to my questions.  Because shit happened by Harsh Snehanshu is a befitting reply to the before and after and perhaps even in-between as to what do these entrepreneurs think while they are dreaming larger than life dreams.

Behind The book
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 What NOT to do in a start-up!

About the author

Harsh Snehanshu is a blogger turned bestselling author, ardent photographer cum traveler and an entrepreneur. A little bit of googling tells me this book is a real life story based on the author’s own experiences based on setting up of his own business. To know more about him please read  or contact him on face book 
Me thinks

The first thing that catches your eye is the title of this book. Honestly it simply perked up my curiosity to read it so as to know what exactly happened. Because shit happened is a true account of the events that happened when the author set up his first company. Hilarious, witty, engrossing and interesting are the first few words that come to my mind after I finished reading it.

The author has managed to put his heart out in the narration with use of choicest words to create the desired impact on the readers. The story starts with how the author got the idea for his business, moving on to where he gathers his friends into it and finally to the stage where three becomes a crowd and all that is clear is chaos.

Friendship and love are known to have created wars between Gods while we are mere humans. We cannot stay unaffected by all of these. In this story love and friendship play a pivotal role as trust is put at stake, only to be lost. In the race for power, name, fame and wealth everything is left behind as the only thing visible clearly is success, at any cost. I loved the simple day-to-day language the author has used in this book as it made me connect very easily with it.  The detailing done by the author in terms of the cover page, the title of the book and the narration is so impeccable that it makes a tho;postID=5871905763191590100roughly enjoyable read!

There were instances where I was so engrossed in reading their journey that I have almost jumped out of my chair screaming @*&^…noo… you cannot be doing this! The gripping narrative makes you feel as if you are on some roller coaster ride where you don’t know when it is going to end and how.

A highly recommended book for students, aspiring entrepreneurs and all those people who have the go-getter attitude in life.

Foodie Verdict
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This book is like french fries, crispy, crunchy and thoroughly enjoyable - a promising fullto time pass.

This book has been received from Random House for review