Thought for TODAY: 17th Jan 2013

Every time God sent a problem He sent along with few blessings but I kept on lamenting so much about the problems that I forgot to smile and enjoy the blessings.


  1. It is difficult to see blessings when we are surrounded by problems. We are preoccupied by the struggles. But the fact that we manage to overcome the troubles in life means that we did get affected by the blessings, knowingly or unknowingly. :D

    1. Oh wow... that was profound!

      Loved it <3

      Thanks so much for sharing this thought here Sui --(((HUGS)) to you for this one!

  2. Because we are surrounded with a problem a lot. And do not try to see beyond it. So better don't forget the happiness around you. There always be few people atleast who wants to make you smile and let you forgive all your problems :)


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