Aaj aur kal - Today & Tomorrow Hindi Poem

आज और कल  - Today and tomorrow

I have always wondered what goes on in a bride's mind just a night before her marriage. An attempt to recreate her thoughts:

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आज एक अनोखी रात है , हर एक पल मैं छुपी कोई ख़ास बात है।
कुछ पुराने रिश्तो का अंत है, कुछ नए की शुरुरत है।
ये हाथों की मेहँदी है गवाह उस पल का जब जनम लेगी एक नयी मैं।
कहने को तो बहुत कुछ है मगर यह लब्ज़ कुछ गुमसुम  से है ।
निंदिया रानी की आगोश मैं सब है गम, पर नजाने क्यों मेरी आँखे है कुछ नाम।
चारो तरफ है एक अजीब सा एहसास , अपना होक भी न होने का ... पास होके भी न होने का।

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इस घर का  हर हिस्सा है जाने मुझसे कुछ कह रहा, 
जाने बचपन और जवानी के दिनों की गवाही दे रहा।
यह झुला जहा झूल झूल कितनी शामे थी बितायी, 
और यह आइना जिसे देख देख अपनी प्रीत थी सजाई।
इन दीवारों तले  ही कही गिर के चलना सिख, 

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वो मीठी नोक झोक वोह लड़ना झगड़ना जिसके बिना है जीवन फीका ।
यह बिस्तार जहा लड़कपन के सपने थे संजोये, 
और वो खिड़की  जहा कितनी शामे थे हम खोये।
क्या समेटू  और क्या नहीं ?
डर लगता है कही कुछ छुट जाये न कही।
मुश्किल तो नहीं पर न आसानी है, 
पुराने जहा को छोड़ कल एक नयी दुनिया जो बसानी है।
एक आँख रोये तो दूजी मुस्कुराती, 
नजाने और क्या क्या है यह छुपती छुपाती।
पलकों पर है बहुत से ख्वाब सुमधुर कल के, 
कुछ बहुत बड़े है तो कुछ छोटे हलके।
ऐ दिल कहदे आज तन्हाई को अलविदा क्यूंकि कल से कोई तेरे साथ है। 

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 : Translation :
Tonight is a special night, every moment has some hidden secret to share. 
Some old endings, some new beginnings,
This henna on my hands is a witness to the moment when a new me will be born
There is a lot to say but perhaps I am at loss of words
Everyone around me is sleeping peacefully but somehow my eyes are a bit moist.
There is a weird feeling all around me. 
A feeling being there and still not there... a feeling of being mine and yet not mine.
 Every portion of this house is saying something to me.
As if trying to remind me of my youth and childhood. 
This swing on which I would sit for hours together every evening.
And this mirror in front of which I have praised my reflection. 
Beneath this roof somewhere I learnt to walk after falling down so many times.
Those sweet fights and arguments without which life is completely dull.
On this bed I have woven dreams of my youth.
And sitting on this window I have got lost in my thoughts.
I don't know what to gather and what not. 
And I am scared if something is left behind.
It is not impossible but neither is it easy to do. 
Leaving my old world behind tomorrow I have to enter a new world.
One eye is crying while the other is smiling. 
I have no idea what other things is it hiding behind those tears.
There are many dreams hidden in those eyes. 
Some big while some small.
Oh my heart! Bade a good bye to loneliness today as from tomorrow there will be someone with you.


  1. Beautiful emotions embedded in a lovely poem! Just I thought you could have written Hindi & English versions separately...:)

  2. aah...the mind argues, disturbs, frightens and scintillates us, but holds us in a strange grip that is irresistible! Loved...loved ...loved this, ME!! xoxo

    1. :o)

      Thank you so so so so much Panchaliji!

      Am touched after reading this lines, specially coming from you as you have managed to get exactly what I had in mind while I was writing this.

  3. Your heart and mind flow as rivers into the tiny stream of that of mine.Great. .

  4. I read this translation part today so nicely riten and only the natural true soul think like that.

  5. A touching poem..
    Did not read the translation, the original is too senti


  6. Mind is a strange sponge, one can't predict what all things are absorbed in that.English version is sweet and Hindi is sweeter.

  7. Beautifully written. Looks like a complete bridal mind. I can try to imagine her thoughts but might not have done better than this :)
    Last 4-5 lines are pretty nice.

    Keep writing :)

    1. True, you need to be a bride to think like that ;)

      Thank you so much!


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