A note to you, my friend!

Dear Dumpling,

I know I have told this to you often and very frequently but somehow today I felt like putting it down here as this is the only way I could think of immortalizing our friendship sealing it here in these words forever. In life there are times when we say a lot of things and don’t mean them, mean a lot of things and don’t say and at times we say a lot of things and mean them too. This is one such occasion where I am going to say a lot of things and mean each one of them, truly from my heart!

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Some people you meet in life and fall in love with them. Some you meet who fall in love with you. And then there are some, who make you fall in love with yourself. As they show you "YOU" the way you have never seen till now!  

I have been very fortunate to have met YOU – who has made me fall in love with myself all over again as you introduced me to a newer myself. 

Every time I think of you and the wonderful friendship we share I cannot help but wonder what on earth I have done to be blessed with something like this. Someone up there is extremely happy with me and hence has sent you my way to remind me of my blessings!

There was a time when I was extremely upset with Him for not giving me a single good friend in my life; for there were many stages where I missed having a buddy by my side. But then over a period of time I realised that everything happens at the right time and ‘that’ perhaps was not the right time for me. For all the questions I barged Him with, He quietly smiled and sent you as an answer to each one of them. As if He was trying to tell me ‘See I compensated for all the years of absence!’, and He was so right. You have made everything seem so worthwhile – the years of wait and loneliness was all worth for eventually it all lead to YOU. I could not have asked for anything better than this. 

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You know the only complaint now I have with Him is why we never met in childhood. Not that I am not happy right now, but imagine the time we could have got to spend together and create so many beautiful memories by now. I know that meeting right now is never a deterrent in creating memories for us and will never be though I am sure by now you would have managed to create a record in loosing if there is any such thing like that!!

Every joke that we laugh at, every hug that we share, every tear we shed together, every joy that we celebrate – in short every moment that we spent together it is deeply instilled in my mind that what we share is truly special. Something extraordinary as a bond like this is very rare to be found and deserves to be cherished forever and ever. 

Oh YESSSSS I am MORE interested in your icecream than mine, always ;

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I love the way whenever I share a secret with you I never have to say please don’t tell this to anyone for I know you never will. I enjoy the ease you bring along with you making me bring out the best in me when I am with you. I cherish the moments when we are able to laugh at just about anything and everything not worrying what the other might be thinking. And I truly and madly love those stomachaches I get after such laughter sessions with you. I adore the madness we bring into about everything we do together ensuring loads of laughter and fun all the while. I appreciate all the pains you take to read each and every thing I write/ say/ imagine as it truly means a lot to have a patient listener in life. I admire the way you take things from oh-so-serious to nonsensical just to make me feel better. I respect you as my worst critic for I know that pushes me to give my best each time just to hear “WOW” from you. I like being myself when I am with you for there is no need for me to be otherwise. I have fun as we debate and discuss our differences celebrating them rather than making an issue out of them. 

I could go on and on filling post after post talking about you but here my ex- BFF (Google) came to my rescue by giving me this picture which expresses everything I want to say:

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With loads of love, hugs and a promise to keep bugging you forever with such letters,
Your BFF

P.S: This letter is for my bestest buddy whom I call Dumpling!


  1. Reminded me of a friend I had, the one I prayed to God to give me. My one and only one friend but now I've lost my friend and it's difficult for me to befriend someone to that extent. I'm trying, I'm trying to hard maybe I'll succeed.

    Hope you and Dumpling are together forever.

    Lovely blog, both this and the other.

    1. I can understand Arcane, such friends are truly irreplaceable!
      And when they leave they leave a void very difficult to fill it. But I am sure God will send another friend your way, who might not fill this void but create a new place in your life making you feel blessed once again!

      I am sure you will succeed soon. Thank you so much for such a lovely wish ~ AMEN, I wish the same too!

      Oh wow, thanks for your last lines, I love my blogs a lot and a compliment on them makes me feel on top of the world.

  2. People call me Dumpling too.. :)
    You know what..I have always tried being that friend..I have always tried doing things to make people happy around me..but I die secretly inside to be acknowledged in this manner..to be shown how I mean a lot to another person..to be told that the other person is lucky to have me with him/her.


    Dear Dumpling...
    I just want you to know that you are very lucky. :)

    1. Oh you are so cute you know with those dimples of yours, no wonder you should be called that!!

      I have always seen you as a wonderful friend through your messages and posts and I also try to be like that. Somewhere deep down I know how it feels to be acknowledged as that is what we all want to sometime, so I decided to give this as a special gift to my best buddy just to say I know what you mean to Me!!!

      And sweets, don't lose heart you never know someone somewhere could be just writing something like this for you too *giggling with excitement*

      I don't know about Dumpling, but I am surely lucky ;)

    2. And maybe they are not good writers like you and me so are choosing some easy way to express what they feel for you :D

      Just keep looking out for their signals dahling!!

  3. Awww... Me that is so cute!!! Friendship is a truly special bond and while I'm waiting for that 'best friend' or maybe realize (:P), I am very happy to see that there are such great bonds in the world! I keep hoping on it and now it's a greater faith!!! I'm unable to write anything more as your words have moved me so deeply that I'm almost-speechless, which I must tell you is a BIG thing because I've been dropping by blogs leaving lengthy comments :P...
    You are a Great friend and your dumpling is very lucky :)Keep loving, keep smiling!
    P.S. It turned out to be a 'medium' length comment after all :D :D

    1. :))

      Thanks Ruya for such a long and lovely comment for I love lengthy comments!!!

      I also never knew such things existed until I met Dumpling. I am really touched on reading you comment and yes it has left me speechless too!

      <3 <3

      Loads of love and hugs to you tooooooo

      P.S: I managed to write quite a lot even when I was speechless :/

  4. Aren't you blessed to have such a loving and giving friend, PT? But then so is Dumpling! ♥

    1. Oh yes Corinne, we both truly are <3

      Thanks so much :)

  5. That was such an incredibly sweet piece of writing. You are indeed very lucky to have a friend like dumpling and I am sure he/she feels the same way.
    And what a wonderful idea of encasing your friendship forever in these words. I pray that it always prospers.
    p.s. I might copy your idea. :P
    P.p.s. Great blog, following you now! :)

    1. TOUCHWOOD Momina :)
      Thanks so much for your prayers and appreciate your follow too !!

      Oh yes please do , I would love to read your story of friendship. I simply love writing letters and I felt nothing than this could be better as a gift for such a dear friend!

  6. This is the reply on this post from my friend Dumpling ~

    You know I am so happy to read it , I can't tell you. I was or am jumping in joy after reading this. I was or am blushing after reading it. :D It's so cute. And the pictures are so lovely <3 They express so much.

    Sorry for commenting late. But I had read it at that time itself but couldn't comment because of very many reasons :(

    I also felt we could have met in childhood but don't be sad about it. Why don't make our childhood abhi ? And do all those things we want to do together as a childhood friends :)

    Thank youuuuuu so so so so much for this post. This is one of the best gift I have ever get.

    Tight hugs to you for this one >------o-----<

    1. Hugs to you tooooooooo!!


      You don't need to be sorry for any thing! Its perfectly fine as whats important is that you read it.


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