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Thought for TODAY: 31st Jan 2013

Growing up only in height and body is not a parameter to judge coming of age what matters more is your growing up in thoughts and mind.

Thought for TODAY: 30th Jan 2013

At times when you are very scare, your increased heartbeats feel like the thundering footsteps of impending doom - fret not - its nothing but the song your heart is singing to welcome the change in your life.

Thought for TODAY: 29th Jan 2013

Celebrations in life are of two types: You need an occassion You are the occasion.

Thought for TODAY: 28th Jan 2013

the world is a truly beautiful place to be in provided you are able to recognise the beauty around you.

Thought for TODAY: 27th Jan 2013

While giving someone the gift of trust you also give them the right of breaking it.

Thought for TODAY: 26th Jan 2013

Having an answer to all the whys is like knowing the end much before you start reading the book.

Silent Saturday


Thought for TODAY: 25th Jan 2013

Having a friend by your side as you face all troubles is great but some years done the line you actually forget using your own strength as you get used to the support.

Thought for TODAY: 24th Jan 2013

I love love and live life ~ perhaps that's what makes each moment so worthwhile!

Thought for TODAY: 23rd Jan 2013

Tonight - Have I done my best today? is the question that haunts Me <3

Aaj aur kal - Today & Tomorrow Hindi Poem

आज और कल  - Today and tomorrow I have always wondered what goes on in a bride's mind just a night before her marriage. An attempt to recreate her thoughts: Source: Google Images

Thought for TODAY: 22nd Jan 2013

I wish people understood the difference between like/love/lust/live - so many heartbreaks could have been avoided!

Thought for TODAY: 21st Jan 2013

Dare to dance is what the Universe tells us every time it sends a storm our way!

Book Review: You can heal your life by Loiuse Hay

Introduction ISBN: 8176210773 Publishers: Hay House Publishers Genre : Self Help Many times in life we reach a stage where we know things very well deep inside our hearts but we need some reassurance from someone else too. We need to hear it to believe it to be true and then act on it. You can heal your life by Louise Hay is one such book. It’s a beautiful reminder that we are the masters of our life and we can either make it or break it. Behind The book Source: Google Images “ You have the power to heal your life, and you need to know that. We think so often that we are helpless, but we're not. We always have the power of our minds…Claim and consciously use your power .”

Thought for TODAY: 20th Jan 2013

All the love, warmth, care and concern seems immaterial if it is not from the heart!

Thought for TODAY: 19th Jan 2013

Love is the language of the Universe, though unheard and misunderstood by many.

Silent Saturday


Thought for TODAY: 18th Jan 2013

Having a reason to love someone is like not loving that person for what they are.

Thought for TODAY: 17th Jan 2013

Every time God sent a problem He sent along with few blessings but I kept on lamenting so much about the problems that I forgot to smile and enjoy the blessings.

Thought for TODAY: 16th Jan 2013

It is a blessing to hear someone say; " There is no reason for me to love you; I just cannot help loving you!!"

Whispering Wednesday

Today's Whispering Wednesday Word  is Remember. We all want to be remember always, long after we have left others lives. We want to be remembered for good reasons with a smile and love in heart. This picture which I came across on internet expresses the reasons behind ' remember' very beautifully.

A note to you, my friend!

Dear Dumpling, I know I have told this to you often and very frequently but somehow today I felt like putting it down here as this is the only way I could think of immortalizing our friendship sealing it here in these words forever. In life there are times when we say a lot of things and don’t mean them, mean a lot of things and don’t say and at times we say a lot of things and mean them too. This is one such occasion where I am going to say a lot of things and mean each one of them, truly from my heart! Source: Google Images Some people you meet in life and fall in love with them. Some you meet who fall in love with you. And then there are some, who make you fall in love with yourself. As they show you "YOU" the way you have never seen till now!   I have been very fortunate to have met YOU – who has made me fall in love with myself all over again as you introduced me to a newer myself. 

Thought for TODAY: 15th Jan 2013

The ability to dream is like having a pair of invisible wings.

Thought for TODAY: 14th Jan 2013

Wishing someone to understand your deepest desire is like hiding a secret and waiting for it to be unveiled on its own.

Thought for TODAY: 13th Jan 2013

Sometimes all it takes is a smile from a loved one to make you feel 'blessed'.

Silent Saturday


Thought for TODAY : 12th Jan 2013

To love someone and expecting to be love in return is like giving a gift and expecting a return gift !

Book Review: The Tell-Tale Brain by V. S Ramachandran

Introduction ·          ISBN: 9788184001198 ·          Genre : Non-Fiction ·          Price: Rs. 499/- ( I got this book from the publisher for a review) ·          Pages: 358 ·          Publishers: Random House India Human mind has always been a mystery for all of us since eternity. The way we behave, we talk, we feel, we think or we emote is all a result of this tiny thing that is housed somewhere inside our body. The curious cat that I am, I wanted to know it all and what better hearing it from the author who is known as the Marco Polo of neuroscience.  Behind The book Source: Google Images A masterpiece. The best of its kind and beautifully crafted…Ramachandran is the foremost pioneer – the Galileo – of neurocognition .   – Alan Snyder FRS, Australian National University.

Thought for TODAY: 11th Jan 2013

The worst thing you can ever do to anyone is look straight into that person's eye and lie blatantly, so convincingly that that person fears looking into your eye ever again after that.

Thought for TODAY: 10th Jan 2013

It is said, 'Happiness comes in small packages', but for me sometimes it comes in small messages through which the sender sends me a reason to smile just by saying ' I am there!"

Thought for TODAY: 9th Jan 2013

You love some people in your life not because you want them to be there forever, but simply because you cannot help loving them for what they are !

Thought for TODAY: 8th Jan 2013

Some people you meet in life and fall in love with them. Some you meet who fall in love with you. And then there are some, who make you fall in love with yourself. As they show you "YOU" the way you have never seen till now!

Thought for TODAY: 7th Jan 2013

Sometimes in life all that matters is the choice you make.

Thought for TODAY: 6th Jan 2013

It is said love begets love ; so does it imply to hate as well?

Book Review: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Introduction    ·          ISBN: 978-0-09-954948-2 ·          Genre : Fiction ·          Price: Rs. 350/- ( I got this book from the publisher for a review) ·          Pages: 309 ·          Publishers: Random House India   This is author’s first work set in Alabama in the 1930s.The way the author has managed to create a magical narrative is simply exemplary. As a book ‘ To kill a mockingbird by Harper Lee’ needs no introduction at all. Each one of us would have heard / read it or done both sometime during our school days! Behind The book Source: Google Images Shoot all the bluejays you want, if you can hit’em, but remember, it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.

Thought for TODAY: 5th Jan 2013

Love is the most beautiful thing in the world, the most sought after - hence the elusiveness I guess!

Of Reviews and Musings

Source: Google Images

Thought for TODAY: 4th Jan 2013

When you are at the wrong end of the road, it is important to look back and consider taking a U turn rather than just jumping off the cliff.

Book Review : Collected Stories by Anita Desai

Introduction ·          ISBN: 978-8-18400-056-6 ·          Genre : Fiction ·          Price: Rs. 299/- ( I got this book from the publisher for a review) ·          Pages: 334 ·          Publishers: Random House India Helen Keller had said, “ The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched they must be felt with the heart .” If there was an example which could be given to substantiate this quote it would be Collected Stories by Anita Desai. It is something on which anything written or said will not suffice; it is an experience which one must get only by reading it. Behind The book Source: Google Images Buried resentments, un-expected disappointments, new friendships, small acts of cruelty, journeys that take you back to where you started. With trademark compassion and tender irony, Anita Desai’s short stories give us familiar worlds made unfamiliar to wonderful effect.

Thought for TODAY: 3rd Jan 2013

Sometimes you are not left with any choice in life as along with the questions it decides to present you the answers as well.

Thought for TODAY: 2nd Jan 2013

At times life chooses to give answers to us in various forms to all the questions we fumble with in very simple ways - sometimes its a song, sometimes a message, a photo or a person.

Worrying and Laughing - Guest Post

To begin the new year today on my blog I have a very dear friend Ghanchakkar who blogs at Precariousness , doing a guest post.  Sometimes in life you meet few people who make you see YOU in a different light altogether. They come with a message and few lessons after which you are never ever the same. I can say I am lucky to have met someone like that in him. We met through our respective blogs and today we share a beautiful friendship which has proudly stood the test of time.  Without taking too much of his space I will let him do the talking now as I will leave talking about our friendship for another post :

Thought for TODAY: 1st Jan 2013

Every year comes with its own challenges, beliefs, opportunities and reasons. Here's to each one of them as I embark on a journey to explore them each day ~ Cheers!! **** In life it takes only one person either to make you happy or sad by their actions ~ beyond which it does not matter what the world thinks about you.