Whispering Wednesday

Today's Whispering Wednesday Word  is Happiness.Happiness is something which we all want in life and all our actions some way are meant to achieve it. But it always remains elusive to us for some or the other reason. Sharing a secret behind the elusiveness:

Source: Google Images


  1. A very good whispering on Wednesday. Happiness or unhappiness lies in the minds of people. It is up to you follow one.

  2. what a quote on a picture miss privy !! it connects so nicely with whispering wednesday.
    WOW !! that's some secret. But I know few people who follow this thought :P

    1. :)

      Thanks, glad you liked it!

      I fell in love with it the moment I saw it and hence shared it here.

      You are really lucky if you know people like that!!


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