Dua (A prayer)

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ख्वाइशो की ज़मीन ~ ख्वाबो का आसमान; न जाने आज ये  जिंदगी लायी  कहा।
रास्ते है हसीन , मंजिलो के करीब; क्या दिखा रहा है मुझे मेरा नसीब।
कितना खूबसूरत है ये  सफ़र, न जाने क्यों मुझे लग रहा है डर।
कई ठोकरों के बाद ये  मुकाम हासिल हुआ है; रेह  जाये यह मेरा होके  मेरी यही  दुआ है।


A land of wishes and a sky of dreams, today my life has brought me at such a place. 
The way is beautiful, very close to my destination...it seems my destiny wanted me to see this.
This journey is beautiful but I am scared as after a lot of hardships have I come here. I just pray it stays with me forever.


  1. Lovely lines. You have penned down in a beautiful manner. Story-teller, poet, etc etc :D. I think I can't count this ;)

    Like always your hindi poems are special and I feel they reflects so much of ours thoughts as well. That's what makes it special. :)

    Keep writing poems :)


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