Book Review: P.S I Love you by Cecilia Ahern


·         ISBN: 978-0-00-727010-1

·         Genre :Romance

·         Price: Rs. 250/-

·         Publishers: Harper Collins

Life is all about relationships…Beautiful, entertaining and invigorating relationships. Love is the language of the universe and our heart. Love is one of the strongest emotions in this world. And it is this love which gives us the strength to face any problems that life sends our way.

Behind The book

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Some people wait their whole lives to find their soul mates. But not Holly and Gerry.
About the author

Before embarking on her writing career, Cecelia Ahern completed a degree in Journalism and Media Communications. At twenty-one years old, she wrote her first novel,  PS, I Love You which instantly became an international bestseller and was adapted into a major motion picture starring Hilary Swank. Read more about her here.

Me thinks

P.S: I Love you by Cecilia Ahern is a book which talks about the strength of love and teaches us how important it is to move on in life. This is the story of Holly and Gerry who are childhood sweethearts. Having grown up with each other they just cannot imagine an existence without the other, when life decides to surprise them. Gerry’s untimely death shocks Holly and she crumbles down under the weight of the lonely life she is expected to continue with. At this stage she finds a gift Gerry has left for her – 12 letters for each month helping her come to terms with his death. Each and every letter ends with a P.S: I love you and hence the name of the book. Like it is said on the cover page of the book – Sometimes it’s about living life one letter at a time.

Through these letters Gerry helps Holly see her own self in a new light. He shows her the wonderful friends she has, the loving family, her own potential to work and helps her find her passion. In a way he pushes her to explore her own strengths and at the end of one year Holly is a changed person looking at things very differently. A totally confident Holly, ready to face the world, taking everything that comes her way into her stride, willing to live, laugh and most importantly love. It is different love story which does not end with “till death do us apart”. It is the one which is “till eternity” as it continues even after death.

I was given this book as a birthday gift and the moment I started reading it I was hooked. It was 4 am by the time I finished this book and I was not sleepy at all. I was shivering with all the tears that I had shed trying to feel each and every word described here. As I stood near the window looking at the universe I wondered how beautiful it was to just witness such a deep love and experience the lessons of life.  It is enchanting to read Holly’s journey of moving on.

This book is full of some beautiful soul stirring lessons which make you re-evaluate the way you look at life. It will also make you sit up and take notice of the blessings you have in your life which till now were conveniently forgotten.  In life sometimes we need such reminders which help us look at life once again. We tend to take things for granted and this story makes us realize how wrong we have been till now. The author claims to have been visited by the lead characters Holly and Gerry in a dream and I would say she is really blessed to have witnessed this. Having said that I would also add even we are lucky to have witnessed something so magical through this book!

A must read for all age groups – teenagers, young adults, adults – for it is high time we re-look our relationships and the way we treat them. And more importantly learn that moving on is best lesson we could have ever learnt in life.

Foodie Verdict

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This book is like a bunch of yummy candies. Tasty, colourful, yummy, tempting and makes you feel like heavenly after you have one!

This review was published in Kaleidoscope Magazine's December issue.


  1. Yes dear, you are right. Some times, we need such reminders to understand the value of our relationships and to change our insight.
    Me have seen the movie and, it made me weeping too..

    1. Oh wow you have seen the movie...? I want to watch it but yes the book is magical truly and reminders is what we need manytimes in life.

  2. Oh WOW !! this books look so interesting to me. I have heard about it many a times.But read the review first time here. Looks like an interesting read to me. 12 letters !! that sounds very exciting to me.

    ha ha superb foodie verdict :D

    Keep reading and reviewing :)

    1. Oh it is beautiful. You should read it once at least... now you know why I love it so much ;)


  3. That book touched me deeply. I have been crying, yes. But how worth the ending was it! Big <3 both for your review and Cecelia :)

    1. Oh yes..the ending was sheer magic!

      Thank you so much Karolina <3

      For such a lovely comment and for being here :)


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