Whispering Wednesday

Today's Whispering Wednesday Word  is Soul~mates. Off late I don't know if it is sheer coincidence but I have been hearing a lot of discussions on this topic around Me. Hence curiosity led to Me to my eternal friend Mr. Google who very happily offered me the best reply I could have ever wanted. Sharing it with you here:

Source: Google Images
Apart from all the usual mushy definitions I found on the net, these were perhaps the most practical words of wisdom I could lay my hands on.


  1. Interesting definition. You have done home work for this post as well :). Who is Mr.Hence ? :-o

    I am not getting the complete concept of your whispering Wednesday ? :-/

    1. Thanks:)

      You read it wrong. It is Me. Hence. And not Mr. Hence!!!! :D

      Well to get the complete concept, please read this post


    2. It's my pleasure to stop here and read the amount of homework done by author for writing each post :)

      Ohh Damn !! Sorry for misreading it. I think I need critics to my comments now :P

      Thanks for sharing. I have read that already long back :). Let it be.

      Keep Writing :)

    3. Ha ha ha ha ha :)

      Critics for your comments.... well can I be one puhlease ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks dear...glad you liked it!

      Just trying to continue the magic you began :)

  3. Wonderful post Me!!

    Love your definition of soulmates and I'm so surprised/glad that we both happened to post about the same thing subsequently! Love that quote as well, it really is true and VERY beautiful :)

    Love and hugs coming your way! :)

    1. I am not surprised as this shows.... great minds think alike ;)

      And yes the quote is mind blowing!!!!!

      Sending huge hugs to you too dear <3


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