Thought for TODAY: 17th October 2012

In this journey of life you will meet a lot of people who act as a medium and help you reach your destination. Don't get distracted by them and lose your track.Just enjoy the journey with them as long as they are there. They are a part of the journey, not the journey or the destination!


  1. I will not agree completely with it. It depends what type of relation you forms with him/her.But at the end, it boils down to the same thing your destination.
    To be honest it is very thoughtful thought.I do understand the depth of it quite well.

    Let move towards our journey :)

    1. I know it depends on the relationships you form, but still the fact remains they are a part of it... not the journey.

      And as you rightly the end of it all, all that matters is the destination!!

      Thanks for understanding the depth :)

      I have already started moving..what about you?


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