Silent Saturday

In the darkest alleys of my life, I have found my true self;
For all the accumulated pain over the years transformed into sparkling hope~ Me


  1. WOW !! This is really silent Saturday. One of the best clicks as well. I would have understood it almost as same way if you wouldn't have written a quote as well. ;)
    Keep your sparkling hope alive with your passions :)
    Always have your thinking cap on.;)

    1. :)
      Thanks - this was a very random one during one power cuts at my place. But when I saw the picture I realised it was actually looking interesting... and it led to these lines.

      I know you would have understood it even without my saying those lines...but I still had to as you know very well this is my diary and my every passing thought has to be documented here!!

      Yup! The thinking cap is sitting all fine on my head as of now!

  2. Your silent Saturday speaks of hope and happiness.May all the days be so.

    1. Thanks so much... this is really a very lovely comment!


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