Reticent Reflections

Silently I walk towards the mirror and stare at my reflection.
Puffy eyes, disheveled hair and an expressionless face staring back at me.
Along with two quizzical eyes which seem to have thousands of questions.
What am I up to? Where is all this leading to? What next?
I seem to have landed up at a crossroads where the only thing clear is confusion.

Enough!! My mind seems to scream but my heart refuses to hear.
Why is that I choose to wallow in the past and not embrace my present?
Why cannot I make peace with it, let it go and move on towards a hopeful future?
Why is that I still want to live with this hurt and resentment instead of a life with dignity and respect?
I shut my eyes unable to bear the horrifying image of something that was me.....

A tear silently rolls out of my eye as I hear my heart quietly whisper,
Enough...I cannot take it any more as the pain just refuses to go….
Slowly I open my eyes to see twinkling hope shining through.
And right below there I see a line turning into a curve slowly.
This is it I resonate to myself.

There began of a new journey of learning and unlearning things, 
Falling, getting up again to fall…loving, living and laughing!
Keeping my fingers crossed I take step after step on this pristine path;
Hoping to meet an immaculate me on this new way~
Clutching onto my dreams tightly in my fist,
Striding away ahead to know the unknown.

P.S. This post is written for That Tuesday Thingy, an *IndiBlogeshwaris* initiative.


  1. WOW !! WOW !! WOW !! :) :) :)
    This is really fabulous. The way you have penned down your almost all expressions and feelings is fantastic. I am trying to see how is it coming but why I couldn't that's the different thing altogether.
    Usually I don't understand poetry much so can't critic about it. But whatever I got is really amazing.

    Kudos for this poem.

    Applauds for rising up against the challenges !! :)

    Keep writing. Would like to see more poems by yours :)


    1. I hope you really mean this :)


      M trying to write more of poems right now....will post soon

  2. The ending is positive just like you are. All the confusion somehow cleared and that s how it should be. lovely write :)

    1. Thanks so much Ghazala for feeling what I was when I wrote this poem :)

  3. Falling, getting up again to fall…loving, living and laughing!
    The above lines capture most of our lives...

    The hope to embark on to the brighter side of life keeps us going always... fingers crossed!!!

  4. We all need to stride way ahead into the unknown. Visibility of just a few meters is fine. While driving from one city to another, we don't need visibility of a few kilometers. Life is like that. Keep moving. Follow your dreams.

    1. Very rightly said....this is what we all need to remember specially at times of confusion.

      Thanks so much!

  5. Loved the lines :)
    Enchanted mirror han :) Its not advisable to dwell in the past. Like they say past is a place to visit , not to live
    loved the lines privy


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