Confessions of a Confused Soul

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Childhood is the most beautiful of all life's seasons.  ~Author Unknown

I truly agree with this quote as childhood is one of the best stages in any body’s life. Those innocent eyes, dimpled smiles, impish faces…they seem to so full of life. Have you ever noticed a child who cannot be construed as cute? Because that is how we are when we are born - Loveable, cute and adorable. But over a period of time circumstances change us, and we become something we can no longer associate with our childhood. Our eyes loose the innocence as it begins to witness the harsh realities of this world. Our smiles fade as we come face to face with the shocking truths on which this world is thriving upon. And our faces are left as nothing more than the witness to the remnants of a storm that our life has gone through.

Though I have always been complimented for being too mature for my age, deep within I have a strong urge of always being a child, who simply refuses to grow up. I still see everything with a lot of curiosity, laugh out loud at any given opportunity, wish on stars, watch cartoon movies, read comics, collect glowing stickers, have a huge collection of stuff toys, do what my heart wants to at the drop of a hat be it breaking into an impromptu dance, singing out aloud (even when I know I sound horrible!) or just hugging someone tightly the moment we meet! More than anything else the reason for this is perhaps because I feel that I had to grow up very soon. Due to many reasons I never got to enjoy my childhood fully and hence I strive consciously to continue living my childhood even when I am way beyond that age. 

Children are curious and are risk takers. They have lots of courage. They venture out into a world that is immense and dangerous. A child initially trusts life and the processes of life.John Bradshaw 

Imagine such a child being ruined because of things like CSA, prostitution, human trafficking, drugs, poverty, beggary, illegal adoption, child marriages, adultery, broken marriages ….. It blurs my eyes with tears even as I type this list. That child reaches a stage where he/she completely stops trusting life. What an ending to a beginning of a beautiful dream! 

If I had the power to change something, I would change…THIS! I would never want a child to lose his/her childhood to something so sinister. Each one of us has the right to existence and enjoying your childhood is one of the biggest blessings one can have. I wonder if people who do this to them, don’t have any conscience. I have undergone some-things and I would never want any child to experience it. It is hell to have to go through something like this and stifle a cry every time you think of your childhood. Though as an adult I have managed to overcome everything but there is still a child in me who sometimes just wants to scream and ask WHY ME? What did I do to be punished so severely that I was deprived of my childhood?

Childhood is the place where we all create beautiful memories and in the worst situations of life they help us face them with a smile. It acts as a base for the future that we would be living in. And having a base which itself is shaky, does not give the picture of a promising future! Every time I read about any such incident in the newspaper, my heart goes out to that child. I feel sad for that child having to lose its childhood, for that confused soul who does not know why is it happening to him/her of all people and does not have any one to deal with his/her fears. No wonder we see so many teenage crimes and suicides around us.  Such confused childhoods undoubtedly lead to a more confused youth and adulthood.

When childhood dies, its corpses are called adults and they enter society, one of the politer names of hell. That is why we dread children; even if we love them, they show us the state of our decay. Brian W. Aldiss 

I am willing to forgive all the murderers and thieves of the world, but I am not willing to forgive these murderers and thieves who steal the innocence and kill the soul of a child!

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  1. WOW !! What a thought provoking post with a perfect ending.
    This is really some post which gripped me with it a lot may be because I too have almost same attachment with childhood and I do think same that childhood has something really special which you have already mentioned.
    You have enlightened this post with very interesting quotes.

    Kudos to the post and author :) And to be nice to put up this across in a nice way.

    Keep it up. :)

    1. :)

      I am sure each one of us is deeply attached to our childhoods as they are a reminder of a beautiful part of our lives! friend Google helped me with that. Thanks so much for appreciating it so much...I strongly detest the 'victim' mentality and hence have refrained from using any such direct references here.

      I would rather use Survivors as in my view each one of them is a survivor - a true Survivor who fought it out to the last breath!

  2. How sad you didn't get to enjoy your childhood. Truly that is what every person deserves......I do hope the rest of your life makes up for all those lost years.

    1. I don't take it as sad..rather I take it as a learning that perhaps God wanted to teach Me. :)

      Thanks for being here, hope to see you more often!

  3. Childhood once gone, never returns. We keep growing older but never go back to being a child. Although I don't feel like revisiting those days ever, since I think I was too innocent for the creepy world out there, but I get what you mean. My heart goes out to those little ones who have been deprived of their right to be a child. I also consider crimes inflicted on children as unforgivable.

    Well wishes to you! :)

    1. Very true Sui.. we never go back to being a child however much we want to and perhaps that is what makes it all the more special :)

      I appreciate your views. it is very unforgivable.. Thanks so much <3


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