Book Review : Life is perfect by Himani Dalmia


ISBN: 978-81-291-1442-6
Category: Fiction
Publishers: Rupa Publications
Price: Rs. 195/-

Relationships are a beautiful aspect of our lives which bind us together. They bring us loads of reasons to smile but they also bring along equal reasons to be hurt and feel sad about. This books deals with the story of one such large joint family residing in Delhi which goes through its usual ups and downs in life to realize what is important at the end is being there for each other rather than anything else.

Behind the book

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Life is perfect is the story of a journey described in a simple, evocative prose. Peopled with a cast of unforgettable characters and winding through colleges, cafes, parties and family dinners with great with and sensitivity, it is a stunning portrait of modern life in Delhi today.

 About the Author

Himani Dalmia is the author of Life is Perfect, a coming-of-age novel set in contemporary Delhi. Published by Rupa & Co., Life is Perfect was released nationwide in January 2009 to immediate popularity and critical acclaim. For more details please visit

‘Me’ Thinks

You can't stop the future , You can't rewind the past
The only way to learn the secret to press play.

This quote describes this book perfectly. 'Life is perfect' - though seems like an oxymoron is a very catchy title to this book. Once you finish reading it you surely feel that nothing else but this suits the book. For despite all its ups and downs, life is beautiful and perfect.

In our lives we are surrounded by some wonderful people like our parents, friends, loved ones, colleagues, teachers etc etc. Each one of them has a role to play in our lives. Most of the times they teach us something but sometimes they also hurt us.  But do we stop loving them? Or do we extend all our broken pieces to them just to see what wins - our love or their hurt?

This story is about a girl Mitali Jatia who belongs to a very rich and influential family in Delhi. The book is about her journey in discovering life - the harsh realities that surround her family and learning how to cope with them. There are times when her sanity is challenged and her decision making ability hazy. But still Mitali with her sheer grit and firm determination manages to find a way out of all this chaos with her head held high and dignity intact. This book shows you what is coming of age after having witnessed unexpected disasters by none other than your immediate family members.

The cover page is very eye catching and it is this that made me pick up this book. And needless to say I was not disappointed. Jealousy, hatred, death,  extra marital affairs, fighting over inheritance and many other such aspects typical to a large Indian family have been very beautifully handled by the writer in this book. The narrative is a bit slow as it is family drama and there are no unexpected twists in it. Despite all this Himani Dalmia has managed to give this normal looking family saga a tinge of suspense. It is intriguing to read how the story unfolds and you cannot help but feel sad for the children trapped in such a family. They have to grow up early because of all these suprises that life throws their way. I like the grace with which Himani Dalmia has handled such delicate topics without making you cringe as you read it.

Over all an interesting one time read as it shows you the real face of our so called High class Indian families.

Foodie Verdict

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This book is like Maggi - Instant, tasty, host, spicy, filling and an instant mood changer on a dull boring day too!


  1. lol :D interesting verdict this time. You really do lot of hard work. Hats off to you.

    Book seems ok to me. It looks life self-motivational book. Is it based on real story or fiction ?
    But I guess I know why you would have liked the book. :)
    Keep reading and reviewing books :)

    1. :D

      Thanks - there is no hard work though. I love it my mind starts searching the most suitable food item as soon as I start reading a book.

      Yes it is an OK sorts book hence I mentioned one time read. Nothing extra ordinary about it. But at the same time the flip side of human relations is showcased here very well. Our family members sometimes don't realize the role they play in our lives and sometimes end up damaging us beyond repair. It is not a self motivational book at all. From all that I could gather on the internet it feels the author has taken her family as the backdrop and mixed it with fiction.

      For me any book is a work of art. Any author would have struggled for years to write it and later on to get it published. Hence I can never ever hate a book. I respect that efforts and admire their determination which kept them going. It is a dream they would have nurtured and their book will always be very close to their hearts because of this. It is like commenting on that individual directly. And for books which don't touch me I don't review them as I am not comfortable writing derogatory comments just like that.



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