Thought for TODAY: 5th September 2012

Today I did a guest post at a nice & interesting blog, very aptly titled - Luv, career and a lot. You can read it HERE. Wondering what has that got to with today's thought? Well this taught Me something today.

Sikha, who manages this blog, has just started a blogathon on her blog and I truly admire people who do that. As for Me, it is an unimaginable thing. She invited guest posts and I sent mine, without any second thoughts. What amazed Me was when I learnt how she feels about Me.

I felt most of times we just don't realise what difference do we make in someone's life. And sadly instead of being happy with these compliments we are more irritated with that one criticism we might have faced somewhere. That is wrong I think. I agree it is important to face your criticism and work on it; but that does not mean we ignore the compliments.

So today's lesson is: Learn to accept both brickbats and bouquets with equal elan!

Thanks so much Sikha for such wonderful words - I am touched! Though I would say you are being too kind. :o)

This one's for you- SIKHA - Thanks for inspiring Me to look beyond my imperfections and to love my perfections (however small they are!!)
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  1. Hi dear,

    I really mean what I have said there. You truly deserve it.
    Me too agree with you on today's thought. You said the right thing.Even if we don't like criticisms as much we like appreciation, we have to accept both in the same manner. Both will help us to improve further. We need both..
    and thank you so much for writing such nice things about me and my blog.
    Take care.


    1. Thanks so much Sikha :o)

      You are right - both will improve us further.. we need them!!

      And you, and your lovely blog - are worth much more than this.


  2. Great initiative by Sikha.... keep it up!!!

    Mind Stuff


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