Thought for TODAY: 26th September 2012

When dreams come true... every minute spent waiting seems like a pain!!

[ This is with reference to my weekend trip to my dream destination. I can barely wait...counting seconds !!]


  1. Almost true ! But because of pain one should never give up the amount of efforts required before (s)he realize it.
    Dream destination. I think I know which place you are talking about but I am not sure :P
    Let me know how was your trip and share photos if you like to share of your dreamland.
    Happy journey :)
    Enjoy your dream :D
    P.S. : This time I guess I made it first :P

    1. Yup you did - Yayyyyyyyy!!!

      Very true... one should not give up and I am not giving up at all!!!

      Sure will share the pictures here in silent saturday moments :)

      Thanks a ton for your wishes


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