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The previous post of this blog hop has been written by Nelieta Mishchenko who is a photographer, traveller and  has a beautiful travel blog Nelmitravel which is about all the places travelled by her. You can read her wish HERE. I would also like to thank Nelieta for such a beautiful introduction.

Sometimes I wish; the value of human emotions and sentiments would not depreciate so quickly in today’s world. When I was a child and my parents would talk about the good old days I would wonder what made me like those times better than today. For me at that time nothing could be better than my present.  But today when I am all grown up myself I find myself reminiscing about the good old days very often.
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The value of money has truly gone down today but with it the basic values of human nature like love, care, respect, concern etc have also depreciated. Technology has progressed a lot and made the world a smaller place. But it has brought along with it the lopsided effect of people now existing in virtual worlds more than the real world.

With FB reminders in place, we rarely take the pains to remember important occasions of our loved ones. And with such hi-tech phones available we don’t even need to memorize any phone numbers. We now pose for pictures not to create memories but to find a nice picture to upload on FB and receive maximum number of likes on it.

Our lives seem to have become so artificial and unrealistic. We are barely able to find time for our near and dear ones, leave alone squeezing in time to pursue a passion. We are more concerned about what will people (the so-called society) think rather than what our heart is saying. And people who do all of the above are perceived as someone who has a lot of free time on hand!!

Gone are the days:

  • When fighting with your best friend seemed to be the worst thing on earth.
  • When a petty squabble with your sibling was forgotten in seconds.
  • When “Lets catch up” didn’t need any SMS / call/ FB/twitter. It meant dropping into your friend’s place just like that.
  • When a win in a race was a triumphant achievement and cherished for years to come.
  • When anything and everything made us laugh – nothing seemed silly!
  • When physical injuries were the only wounds we ever got.
  • When sitting in mamma’s lap with little bit of pampering made us forget all the pain we had.
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Today the days are such that:

  • No excitement can make us giggle like before
  • Leading life itself seems to be a huge burden
  • No amount of love can make us forget the pain / wounds we have.
  • We judge things by value and analyze people by their usefulness
  • When every achievement is easily forgotten and replaced by another goal in sight
  • When the best doesn’t seem to be enough and we always seem to be craving for more and more
  • When there is only formality left in relationships and no love
It seems we have got entangled into a cobweb which keeps on getting messier day by day. Sometimes I wish I could have stopped the time there or travelled back to those days when simplicity was the core mantra for survival and the language of love was spoken to one and all! Life is beautiful and the beauty of life lies in its simplicity. The more we try to make it complex, the uglier it gets.

Sometimes I wish life could be simpler again and we feel things once again rather than just seeing or hearing them!

Do you also feel the magic of life has been lost amidst all this running around? Or does your heart wish for something else?

Please join Me tomorrow in hopping to a wonderful blog If I had a blog where the author Ron Reed will share his wish. In his own words his blog is an eclectic collection of stories and observations from life where he intends to make people think, learn and laugh...and hopefully all at the same time. 

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  1. I love everything that you value Privy. As long as I see people like you who 'dig' deep into the heart of every situation, then I am very hopeful.

    You know I even talk to my siblings through FB ~ it could really be funny at times but it makes me wonder a lot.

    Social networking could really be superficial.

    I do long for 'simplicity' ~ perhaps little retreats could help me cope with the world's modernity and at the same time bring me back to my core.

    Lots of love Privy. You gave me a lot of points to ponder throughout the week :*

    1. Life is a gift we all have been given and we need to value it to understand its real beauty. Digging deep is perhaps the best way we are left with for taking some time off all these superficial things and go back to our roots!

      Talking to siblings on FB - Wow.. I can understand how you must be feeling now.

      Thanks so much for such a beautiful comment and the follow too dear, truly appreciate it!

      Glad my words could do that for you :)

  2. Privy - This is a very thoughtful and deep post. I think about the simplicity of my childhood at times, and see how very different life is now...and it is troubling at times, but I also think we have to make our own space in this moment.

    I agree that our cyber existence and advances in technology have made us lazy and somewhat disconnected. I have a smart phone, but I detest texting and discourage people sending them to me unless it is important. I use email to communicate instead of writing letters by hand, but I prefer to pick up the phone...or show up on your doorstep to the flat and impersonal cyber alternatives.

    I think you are so right that the world has become much smaller. I am able to have genuine friendships with people across the world that I may never have the chance to travel and meet in person. At the same time, I get texts from my next door neighbor...there needs to be a balance.

    I also think that media has become so condensed and fragmented that it is designed to appeal to those with the shortest attention span. We are spoon fed snippets of information and told that is what we want to hear. I hope we can find balance.

    Well, that is my rant for today.

    Great post Privy :).

    Be well,

    1. Whoa! That was some rant Ron :D

      You are right. Like everything in life this development has also come with its own set of Pros and Cons. We have reasons to celebrate and we also have reasons to feel sad about.

      Balance is the correct word which we all need to learn while dealing with all this new things.

      Thanks so much Ron, your feedback is always encouraging.

      Take care!

  3. Dear Privy,

    NO! I don't feel the magic of life has been lost amidst all this running around!

    Life has it's ups and downs, but Life is AMAZING and keeps getting better every day! Personally, I don't know if I could go on living with any other perspective...

    Holding you in my heart! XOXOXO

    1. Very true has its ups and downs and still continues to be the most beautiful and amazing thing :)

      It feels wonderful to know you live with such a thoughtful perspective - I am constantly striving to follow that too. Hopefully soon I will be successful.

      Thanks :)

  4. Ah, the good old days . . . I know I so often wish things today were simpler and that love for God and others would come first and foremost in our lives. It is easy to become distracted by all the technology and to, unfortunately, see people more as objects rather than the beautiful souls they are.
    One reason I am so grateful for Blogplicity is that everyone who shares here cares here - really and truly. How refreshing and inspiring is that?
    Just like the good old days . . . :)
    Beautiful and thoughtful post as always, Me!
    Blessings to you!

    1. Martha you have said it so nicely. Blogplicity is one wonderful place to be as all the people here are so warm, loving,caring and genuine...wish everyone in this world could also be like that.

      Thanks for liking it:)

  5. Sometimes I do think life was simpler and there was far more time BEFORE technology made the world smaller. A few days ago a child I know saw a picture of a phone with a receiver and asked what it was. We are on a fast frantic journey and sometimes I wish the previous quote were possibly so we could know if it all really was worth it.

    1. :)

      This new generation has truly forgotten some of the 'old' things we have grown up using. And technology will keep changing as I think that is responsible for generation gap to some extent too.

      Ah! that quote is something I am suyre each one of us wishes for :)

      Thanks for being there!

  6. Sometimes I wish to go back in time..sometimes I wish to fast forward time.... I do miss the simpler things ... I really wish I could go back in time but have the knowledge I do today... Wow I remember when I had pen pals.. actually using a pen and paper and putting a stamp on it.. and then racing to the mailbox each week excited to read responses... Sometimes I wish to go back before there was a disease called aids... Your post is AWESOME and really has set my mind in motion... Thank you... As always...XOXOXOXO

    1. Pen friends was such a beautiful thing to have. I remember trying to imagine what their world would be like and waiting for says together to read the reply. :)

      Ah! Wishes are endless are'nt they?

      Thanks so much Bongo for your sweet comment and the follow too <3

  7. Please feel free to call when you need a good giggle.

    Loved this wish which was iced with nostalgia and whipped with love.

    Joy always,

    1. :D

      Thanks Susan, would surely remember this whenever I am down in dumps.

      Glad you loved this!

  8. What a great post! Technology has made life a lot easier for us but we are building walls around ourselves. We are hiding behind all these high tech gadgets and can barely have conversations with people in person any more. I often remember my parents speaking about the good old days and yes life seemed to be much less complicated. Looking back now I think it was more difficult for them but at least they valued the things in life that were really important.

    1. Valued life is the best thing that they did and perhaps we all need to :)

      Even when we are walking down the road or travelling in a bus we are busy texting, chatting on FB, listening to music or reading on kindle. Who cares who is sitting next to us ?

      Our parents were so right in calling them the good old days :)

  9. When I was a child and my parents would talk about the good old days I would wonder what made me like those times better than today. For me at that time nothing could be better than my present. But today when I am all grown up myself I find myself reminiscing about the good old days very often.

    How i loved these lines..! You touched a cord in me Privy. Love you :)

  10. Yes, we have become more selfish and self centered than before. But, all is not lost.
    Nice reflections of what you feel...
    Love and luck.

  11. Privy, I read your post when it first came out, and have returned several times to comment only to be interrupted. So, here I am, once again...praying that I can finish this before I have to jump off of the computer :)
    Your post was insightful to me. Just recently, I dropped my son off at another high schoolers house to work on a project. When he got out of the car, he started texting on his phone as he stood halfway up the driveway. I hollered from the car, asking him what he was doing. He replied "I'm texting to let them know I am here". I asked him why he didn't just go and knock on the door. His response? "I'm not sure I'm at the right house". I laughed and said "That still doesn't answer my question...why not just go up and knock on the door? If you're not at the right place, you will know it soon enough".
    Yes, I too, long for the 'good ol' days' :)
    I remember my parents saying that so often and sharing stories of how their life was when they were young. Oh my...using an outhouse? How would kids today survive in a world from 2 generations back? They wouldn't know how to act LOL.
    Technology has led our children's generation out of in-person socialization. Don't get me wrong...I believe there are a lot of advantages to the technology that we have, but I also believe that it has hindered our face-to-face relationships. I know myself, that I have withdrawn more to my own little space within my home more over the last 10-15 years because it is so much easier and quicker to message someone through fb or skype someone. Am I happier doing things this way? No, I don't think I am. I miss having coffee with my best friend at her kitchen table. I miss meeting my family members at the park for a family picnic. I miss sitting outside on a friend's porch doing nothing but talking up to the wee hours of the morning.
    Yes, my dear, I can totally relate to your post. Sometimes, I do think a lot about the good ol days, never to return again?

    1. Hello, firstly I want to tell you Mary I truly appreciate your comment :)

      Thanks for sharing this incident. It is so true.. I see my teenaged cousins rushing home to update their FB status so that their friends know they are home. More so at a coffee joint it is so common sight to see a group of people busy engrossed in their own phones!! I mean why be there in the first place then!!

      I agree technology has its own pluses too but I also feel it has taken away the charm of simple things from our lives. Those hand written letters, hand made cards, looking forward to those meetings with friends as we did not have any other way to was all so magical.

      Thanks a ton - I am glad you could relate to it!

  12. This was absolutely thought-provoking, Privy (I'm not used to calling you Me hehe). I sometimes wonder if modernization really did change the world for the better. It seems life has become more complicated with all of these gadgets and they all scream "WORLD! WORLD! WORLD!" to me. I feel like the world is just so full of noise in these modern times and it's really crazy!

    I am very much open to change brought about by technology and modernization, but I am an old-fashioned girl at heart. :-)

    Lovely wish and great post, Privy! ♥♥♥ God bless :-)

    1. :o)

      You can call me with any name you like Irene !

      Precisely my thoughts... it has its own benefits in a way if observed closely but yes it has become noisy and congested too. Modernization has taken away the warmth from our lives and left us out in the snow chilling ;)

      Thanks so much Irene for such a sweet comment <3

  13. Yep, things have changed, everyone is in a hurry. So very sad really. My mom and my sister have no on line so heaven forbid we are "stuck" visiting one another. Our family is full of dysfunction yet we have at least 2 if not 3 or 4 family gatherings a year, nieces, great nieces, cousins ect. On the other hand for myself I have grown and changed so much because of the people I have met on line.
    This is a great and wonderful post, your words are so full of love.

    1. Our virtual world has its own pros and cons. I actually live by many of those friends whom I have met online and am thankful to them from the core of my heart for being what they are to me. But on the other hand it also feels sad that no we are so busy that we barely are able to make up time for our loved ones.

      Thanks jan neel, glad you liked it so much.. <3

  14. I enjoyed your sharing on the topic and appreciate your perspective; it is a great reminder to make time for the important stuff! I have been guilty a time or two of getting 'lost' in the virtual world...

    ~~balance is key for me! :)

    1. Well that was an honest confession Mommetime ;)

      I am sure we all are guilty of doing that more often than not... and yes balance is the key which we all need to have.

      Thanks for being here today!! :)

  15. I thought I had commented, so apologies for commenting so late.
    I remember the good old days. Life was just so simple back then. Nicely written.

    1. Hey Suzy it is perfectly fine.... you are most welcome anytime here :)

      Yes life was very beautiful and straight from the heart <3


  16. Sometimes i wish people loved each other in real life as much as they do on FB

    1. Yes Nikky I agree... we are so obsessed with showing off the perfect picture to the world that we forget doing that in real life :)

  17. Hello, Privy,
    I read your commentary with interest ... alas, we cannot turn the hands of time backward so easily as we live these increasingly hectic lives.
    I remember letters, big and fat, coming through the letterbox in my front door ... I remember deciding not to open them until I could take my coffee break and so would be able to sit down and enjoy the contents at my leisure.
    Then, twenty years ago, wishing folk wrote letters like that again ... full of interest and commentary, instead of the phone calls I now received. I, however, was still writing those letters, illustrated with sketches of whatever I was talking about ... but the replies came by phone, alas.
    Now, another twenty years down the line, I sit here, able to, once more, read letters from all over the world, full of interest.
    Time moves on, humanity, those intelligent apes, are constantly in a condition of flux ... and there are still shining gifts to be found in this day and age, friend, as there were in those days of yore, back in our youth.
    Wonderful "letter" ... I will visit again.
    With respect, Pat.

    1. Hello Pat,

      It is a pleasure to have you here today!

      I can relate to what you are saying as I have always had pen friends in my childhood who were my cousins..but sadly today none of them have the time to even call leave alone writing letters. I could not attend their weddings and hence don't even know what their spouses look like :D

      What you say is perfectly true... time moves on and we humans are constantly in a condition of flux. We look for change..we change and then crib about the change!!

      Thanks so much for your appreciation, I am truly touched!

      Would love to have you here again and again,


      Me :)


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