Silent Saturday

Madly in love- with each other


  1. Nice tagline you've made for this picture! Looking so fresh! Nice click:)

  2. ghanchakkar ( has left a new comment on your post "Silent Saturday":

    Interesting observation. and nice click :)
    A small suggestions if you don't mind: first you need to be focus your lens slightly more on the object.
    Second let your "silent saturday" completely silent. :)
    I hope you will take small suggestions in positive spirit.Sorry if you feel offended with suggestions. :)
    But as I remember I have been allocated this job by someone ;) :P


    1. Silent Saturday was started to post my pictures with a tagline to them, hence they cannot be completely silent. Otherwise there will be no meaning to it as each reader might interpret it in their own way and I will never be able to say what I intend to through them.

      You know what is surprising is your comment itself is contradictory. A nice click and then those suggestions don't go hand in hand!! Nevertheless I am just an amateur photographer who loves trying her hand at photography. Hence with each picture I constantly strive to improve.

      Thanks for your feedback!


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