Book Review - The Stopover by Ram Prakash & Deepa Pinto


The Stopover is a yet-to-be released book based on an innovative concept.Blending the facts with fiction here, the authors Ram and Deepa have added some beautiful photographs to the narrative making it a truly extra ordinary experience.

As the website of the book says, ' This is a book that presents the unseen people in India - their lives, ordeals, their hopes and dreams.' 

For more details on the book, release dates and the authors please visit The Stopover.

Behind the book

About the authors

Ram Prakash

Ram had been in the advertising & marketing world for 12 years when he realised that we have but one life to explore the many fascinating worlds around us. Armed with a one-year photography course, he set out to seek beyond what the eye sees.

Deepa Pinto

Deepa teaches German at the Goethe Institute. Her passion for languages is matched by her passion for travel and exploration. With a pen in hand and a yearning for the unknown in her heart, she set out.

Me thinks

If I were to describe my experience in one word it would be – Refreshing. After a long time I have come across a book which actually leaves you feeling fresh after going through its pages. It is so mesmerizing with some breath taking pictures adding to its beauty that you just don’t want it to end. It is a visual treat as you turn pages after pages and travel with the characters to those exotic locales. Captivating narration teamed with an interesting storyline makes it a thoroughly enjoyable read! It is truly a trend setting concept – mixing fact with fiction along with photographs.

Overall an excellent read for one and all purely because of its innovative concept. More so for people readers who enjoy travelling!

P.S: I am looking forward to its release to read it fully and will add further to the review on completion of it.

Wishing the entire team of The Stopver ~All the best for their book!

Foodie Verdict

Source: Google Images
This book is like marshmellows which leaves with you a nice , soothing feeling!


  1. I guess I never had marshmellows before how will I compare this now ? :-( :P

    1. Marshmellows are soft, tender to eat...gooey in ature and leave a very sweet fruity taste :)

      Hope it helps!

      Or else compare it to a candy floss!

  2. Nice review.. the book looks really different and unique..

    1. Yes it surely is... I have already pre ordered it - do read it if possible!

      Welcome here and hope to see you more often!!


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