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To Live once again, by Jayanti Anubhav [ISBN 978-81-7234-401-6] is a touching tale of two girls who see different facets of life very closely at a tender age.  It is published by FINGERPRINTS!

Behind the Book

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The first thing that strikes you about the book is its front page cover. It is so haunting and alluring that it actually tempts you to pick it up and read it. And you are sure to not be disappointed after reading it as the story also continues to haunt you for a long time even after you are done.

Jayanti Anubhav, is a multi-faceted young woman having Master’s Degree in Business Management after completing her studies from St Xavier’s College, Ranchi. She worked in the corporate sector for five years before realising her true calling is “Writing”.Jayanti, born to a bureaucrat father & business woman mother in an affluent Oriya family as the middle off-spring, is a Trained Classical Dancer, Freelance Writer as well as a Fashion Stylist.“To Live Once Again...” is Jayanti’s first work in the form of a book.

Me Thinks

Reading this book re-emphasizes on your belief that life can be so unpredictable, you don’t know what is in store for you the next moment. With this book the author, has brought out the vulnerable side of women very beautifully. Women are generally very gullible by nature. Having been through some-things in life they become cautious for future but that does not deter them from trusting someone once more only to be hurt again.

The main protagonist in the story Yamini is a strong, independent and confident young lady. She knows what she wants from life and has the zeal to fight the world for it. But life lands her in circumstances where she is let down by everyone around her.  The trauma she had faced as a child comes back to haunt her again and again. And the memories of distant past simply refuse to leave her. She tries hard to gather all the scattered remains and attempt To Live Once Again….

The other protagonist Lavanya is her best friend who unfortunately is also a victim to the harsh realities of life. They both seem to have so many similarities when it comes to their hobbies, likes and dislikes which makes them inseparable best friends. But sadly they also have similarities in terms of their life. They both feel left out by their own families. And they both have been denied care and affection by their own parents for various reasons. They both grow up to take separate ways in life only to meet one last time which acts as a final nail in the coffin.

Time and again life keeps on testing Yamini and she manages to emerge a survivor by winning those tests. But there is time in life when it gets too much for one to bear and one needs to take certain decisions which change our lives forever. Yamini’s life has been full of such decisions and yet today once again she is standing at crossroads which demands her to take a life altering decision once more so that she can try To Live Once Again.

The narration is very lucid in a very simple language. The story is set in different areas of North and South India, and the author has managed to do justice to beauty of both these locations. Lies, treachery, deceit, love, lust, money, name, fame and power. All this comes to life in the pages of this book as you accompany Yamini on her life’s journey.

Overall a heart rendering tale of two young girls that makes you look at life in a different light.

Foodie Verdict

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This book is like a nutty chocolate bar. With every bite (Read: Page) you are in for a new surprise as you don't know what is in store for you.


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