Terrific Tuesday - A sweet victory

Winning always feels great. No matter what it is - it could be the race we have as a child or it could be winning the World cup. Victory is always cherished, remembered with a smile and nurtured over the years in sweet memories.

Sharing with you one such victory. On my other post Memoirs of Me - I had written a post on Mother's day and participated through it in a competition held by Blog Adda on this occasion. No prizes for guessing that I won it. And guess what I won?

I won one title in my favourite Chicken soup series :

Source: Google Images

Am not I happy? I am super happy - and am currently dancing with joy all around my room. Wanna join in the victory dance?
P.S: You can read my entry HERE.Would love to hear your views on this :o)


  1. Why not ? ;)
    Congratulations for winning you favourite book :).

    1. You are most welcome to join me in the victory dance..!!

  2. yay!! Congrats congrats :D You totally deserve it!!

  3. I told you that was an excellent piece of writing! Well deserved victory...Congratulations!:)


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