Mere Sapne [ My dreams]

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 मेरे सपने 

मेरे आंसूओ  ने भर दिया एक  समन्दर ,
समन्दर  बना खारे  पाने से  भरकर जों निकला मेरे इन् दो आँखों के मन से .
दुखो का पहाड़ था इस दिल पे टुटा; मेरा मन था अंधियारी दुनिया मैं डूबा.
सोचा न था कभी कुछ ऐसा भी होता , मेरे दिल का टुकड़ा कुछ इस तरह से खोता।
मन के अरमानो पे चुरिया सी चल गयी; स्वप्न नगरी मैं जैसे स्तब्धता सी चा गयी।
कल तक तो हाथो मैं थे मेरे सपने, 'अटल बनके पुरे करुँगी यह सपने  ' -मन का यह विचार लेके आगे मैं बढती; पर उससे पहले थी  यह किस्मत भी पलती।
मेरे सपनो पे एक डाका सा दल गया; जादूगर की छड़ी से मेरा सपना रेत मैं बदल गया।

This post was published in Kaleidoscope Magazine's July 2012 issue


  1. My collection in Hindi glossary is not so strong.Still I could read the global idea of this piece.enticing.

  2. A good attempt to write a poem which I always think is not an easy task especially Hindi.It's nice to see lot of variety on your blog.
    Few suggestions as an honest reader of your blog (either you can consider it or send it to trash ;) ):
    1) At few places there are spelling/grammatical error may be it's a typing or blogger transliteration error. Apologies for making such a blunt comment.

    2) You tried too hard to explain your feelings through this poem, but I feel you lost grip at some places because of which the flow of reading such an immense (nice) poem gets perturbed.

    These are my viewpoints. I don't think you should take it very hard. I wrote as I felt it. Keep it up :). Will wait for your second attempt to such poem.


    1. You need to believe me when I say this was my first attempt at Hindi poem which I wrote when I was 15 years old. You can read my other such attempts here;

      And please do let Me know what you think about them:)


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