Silent Saturday


  1. hey these are beautiful, do you know the name? Kannada also will be fine because i will ask the near by nursery to give me this :)

    1. Oh yes they surely do look lovely :)

      Will have to check with my Mom and get back to you on this...!

    2. These are beautiful...and i don't know the names either...but the interesting thing about it is both pink and white flowers grow on the same plant.

      Are you a kannad? if yes then you must be knowing a lot about Telugu Movies...i love Telugu Movies more than Bengali or Hindi fact i am one of those rare Bengali who is pure vegetarian...and certainly not ironical my favorite dishes are south Indian...
      According to my mom i was either a malyalam/telugu/kannad speaking girl in my previous life.

    3. I told you in one comment na - we should exchange places. For I am a Telugu in love with the Bong culture and here you are a Bong in love with Telugu culture :D

      And I love gorging on Bengali sweets <3


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