Thought for TODAY: 25th April 2012

Sometimes no matter whatever you do some people just don't understand you; because for them it is like watching a movie in a language unknown to them!


  1. Correct.They don't want to do so and so they remain half- attentive.

  2. They could use subtitles! I mean why watch if you don't understand.
    Why accept help if you can't appreciate ;)

    1. They could - only if they wanted. Watch bcoz u r being made to and not bcoz u want to.

      I agree to your last line - appreciation is very important!

      Thanks for visiting my blog! BTW I liked your name a lot :)

  3. yes it's like watching my favorite Telugu movies without subtitles...i want to but i can't...but this is not the quote is...they don't want to understand if you are trying to wake someone..who is already awake but is showing that he/she is sleeping...!!!


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