Book Review : Manual of the Warrior of Light - Paulo Coelho


Manual of the Warrior of Light is a philosophical book about an individual’s journey towards realization of his dreams and finding his inner strength. Coming from a maestro like Paulo Coelho himself, there is definitely a huge amount of expectation by the readers and needless to say he does not disappoint.

Behind the Book

Manual of the Warrior of Light is an invitation to each one of us to live our dream, to embrace the uncertainty of life, and to rise to meet our own unique destiny.

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About the Author

I am sure Paulo Coelho as an author needs no introduction to any one of us!

'Me' Thinks

Unlike his other books this is not based on a story. In the beginning there is a short story of few pages which creates a base for the manual. The rest of the book is full of quotes and few thoughts related to it. This unique style of writing makes this book a very easy- to-read kind of book. You can actually open any page and just read the quote from there with the thoughts and close the book to ponder on the same. It is the kind of book you can either begin or end your day with it.

Every quote might not seem appealing enough in the first instance itself. But with a little deeper insight in it through the thoughts behind it creates a mystique air around it. With every page you turn you evolve more as a human being and get closer to your spiritual being.  We have so many questions in our mind about this enigma called life. This book is an attempt at answering them. We all know that we are here for some reason but are unaware about it. This book acts as a guiding force for us to know the reason behind our existence and helps us begin a journey towards self-realization. As we go farther and farther in this journey we come across so many truths about our lives which we never knew till now.

Reading this book is a soul-stirring exercise as it changes your entire perspective towards life. By naming this book Manual of the Warrior of Light, the author states that there is a warrior in each one of us.  And this book helps us bring out that Warrior in us.  The beauty of this book is that every time you read it there will be a newer meaning waiting for you to unveil. It is a book which you can read a number of times and still not be done with it. During some difficult times in life when you are looking for some inspiration this proves to be it.  Simply said it’s a pick-read-put book whenever you feel you have lost track of the path ahead.

Personally for me this book has managed to give some very magical solutions to certain problems I had been going through. I will share my trick with you; I keep my right hand on the book and close my eyes to think about my problem for few minutes. All the while I am running my fingers on the pages. As if pulled by some miraculous power I stop at one page and open it only to find the answer to my question lying there for me. Try it. To each one his own, who knows reading this book you might find a new secret.

Foodie Verdict
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This book is like a bowl full of fortune cookies. Each page gives you a new secret hidden in it like those cookies.

Happy Finding!

P.S: This book review was published in Kaleidoscope Magazine's April 2012 issue.


  1. Loved reminded me of the word Elixir of life....which i realized only after reading paulo Cohelo's book.

    i would love to read this one... !!!

    1. WOW... thanks:)

      You should read this. This is my all time favourite!


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