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My life story, by Arti Honrao is a captivating tale of a young and bubbling teenaged girl who chose to follow her dreams and paid the price for it, albeit very heavily. This book is priced at Rs. 100/- and you could purchase the same from Pothi's.

Behind the book

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The author has chosen to use this space for highlighting the few reviews on this book. I would quote one which struck me the most; "A touching story of a young girl! A book every teenager should read to be careful of the pitfalls in life at that age." - Dr. Smita A. Kitturkar - Physiotherapist.I truly agree with her.

About the Author

Though I have already reviewed another book by her earlier I would still like to quote what is written about her in this book's introduction as I feel this does complete justice to her personality and writing style..

Arti Honrao has the ability to pour the words in such a way that you won't only end up imagining the characters revolving around you, but will also be involved in the feelings created by the flow of her writings. She knows the art of converting her thoughts into the imagination of readers mind.

"Me" thinks

The first thing that strikes you about this book is its tag line, " I always believe in living each day at a time, until...." This cue is enough to set your mind running, wanting to devour this book at the next available moment to know until what? The opening passages also add up to the suspense element making you eagerly anticipate the next development in the story. There are a thousand questions running in your mind every moment as you are reading this book.Needless to say the narrative is very intriguing and gripping which is very essential in such stories.

The story is mainly about a girl Kavya who is full of life, on the threshold of youth, raring to go and explore what life has in store for her. It's about ;

Truth & Lies
Destiny & Luck
Hope & Shattered dreams
Hatred & Love
Fear & Strength
Birth & Death
Happy Marriage & Bitter breakups
Romance & Treachery
Commitment & Adultery

It highlights the extremes of the entire gamut of emotions you can associate with human relationships.This book re-emphasizes on the fact that life is very unpredictable. You never know what is going to happen the next moment. As you feel the central character Kavya's pain and agony through the words, you actually silently pray for her hoping for some miracle.

Like the author's blog's name suggests each and every word in this book seems to be straight from the heart as it hits you on your face and makes you come face to face with reality which otherwise we conveniently ignore though existent around us. I personally detest domestic violence a lot and avoid reading it altogether. But in this book Arti has very beautifully managed to not portray a picture of a hapless victim. Kavya, comes across as a strong person who knows how to deal with it and maintain her dignity at the same time. The author manages to explore various roles played by a woman in daily life - that of a daughter, wife, lover, sister, friend, confidante and a mother.

In our life all of us at some point have taken certain decisions in that high headed stage of giddy teenage years and royally repented it forever. This book is clearly a must read as it emphasizes "It's never too late to rectify your mistakes."

Foodie Verdict

 This book is like hot and tangy panipuri. Its makes your eyes water because of the spicy taste [ Read emotions] at the same time tantalizes your tongue [ read heart & soul] leaving you asking for more!

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  1. I second you on this... the book, with its own simple but soul touching words makes the characters come alive... giving the reader a heart wrenching experience!

    1. Truly the simplicity is what makes this book stand out.

      Thanks so much - appreciate it!

  2. Lovely...this is another good review ...and the story line that's there it's tempting for every one to read it and...yes i too lived like it's my last day...untill an earth quake came into my life and i stopped living from that day...!!!

    Panipuri by the way is my favorite...!!!

    1. :)

      Arti's writing is truly mesmerizing. You should check out her blog as well... she writes beautiful stories!

      Hi-5 for this one!


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