Book Review: A Calendar too crowded by Sagarika Chakraborty

A Calendar too crowded “is a wonderful collection of various short stories and poems woven around the theme of women written by Sagarika Chakraborty and published by Niyogi books [ ISBN: 978-93-81523-06-3].

Welcome to the enticing world of women!!

This book brings out the beauty of the various roles women play. Day in and day out throughout our lives we are a daughter, a wife, a mother, a sister, a friend, a daughter-in-law-, a mother-in-law, a grandmother, a lover and much more to somebody. In trying to be all this we forget our real worth – the true worth of being a woman. Every woman who reads this book will definitely connect with at least one story and exclaim in delight “Hey that sounds so much like more story.” As you flip through the pages you can actually hear their tinkling bangles and giggling voices.

The journey from 15th century where women writers hid their writings for their grandchildren to be discovered and published to the 21st century where we have women writers who have the capability to present such heart touching topics in such lucid manner, we surely have come a long way. Each and every story or poem tugs your heart and reminds of some woman you know who has gone through something similar.

This book is an excellent attempt for a first time author and it will leave you with tears in your eyes as you read through; tears – not of pain or regret but more so only for one reason as you question the unquestionable “Has the condition of woman really changed?” The simple narration highlights the strength of women and at the same time brings out their vulnerability. I truly felt for the first time we women are indeed very complex creatures and it is a daunting task to understand us.

Reading this book reminded me of a forward message I had received long time back (It aptly fits the book’s description J )

This book talks about the various moods of woman somewhat like this:

An angel of truth and a dream of fiction, she’s afraid of a wasp, will scream at mouse but will tackle a stranger alone in the house. Sour as vinegar, sweet as rose. She will kiss you one minute, then turn up her nose. She will win you in rage, enchant you in silk. She will be stronger than brandy, milder than milk,. At times she will be vengeful, merry and sad. She will hate you like poison and love you like mad….

Celebrating the joy of being a woman through various days in a year and woving interesting stories and poems around them is definitely an enthralling attempt by Sagarika.

My personal favourite “An Equal Friendship”. Believe me till now I thought I am staunch feminist, but this letter challenged the same. It has opened so many doors for me to look at the outer world from.  It has not only challenged my beliefs but also provided answers to so many questions I had since a long time.  I liked the use of italics by the author to highlight some specific words in the narration to bring out their deeper meaning. This book is full of some memorable one liners will quote the one that I loved the most here:

If literacy is to sign your name, education is to realize the identity the name bestows on you.”

Beginning with January as you reach December, my heart actually let out a sigh thinking “No….not so fast.” Just the Arabian Nights you don’t want the stories to stop.

Last but not the least truly a befitting tribute to woman hood. Definitely a must read for both as:

Men This will help you understand the women in your life better and respect them more.
Women Will ONCE AGAIN make you feel proud to be a woman!

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