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Thought for TODAY:31st January 2012

My today's lesson is inspired by Thought Question for Today : "What has this past year taught you about yourself?" It has taught me that I am stronger than think I am. I was strong yesterday, I am stronger today and will grow stronger tomorrow.

Thought for TODAY:30th January 2012

We live in an imperfect world, surrounded by imperfect people having our own imperfections; BUT we still constantly crave for perfection.

Thought for TODAY:29th January 2012

Love and Hate are like two sides of the same coin. For every one person who hates us we will have another person who loves us. Choice is ours - what do we let us impact us, the love or the hate.

Thought for TODAY:28th January 2012

Many times people hurt us beyond repair but we still extend even our broken pieces to see what wins - Our Love Or Their Hatred

Thought for TODAY:27th January 2012

Just like our physical injuries wish people could see our emotional wounds and understand our pain without us telling them.

Thought for TODAY:26th January 2012

Sometimes it gets so late to appreciate that finally when you are complimented you feel you are being made fun of!

Thought for TODAY:25th January 2012

Life has a very nice way of teaching you things - PRACTICALS And it leaves you with the best certificate known as "EXPERIENCE"

Thought for TODAY:24th January 2012

The irony of life is ; When you are in love we think we have the world's greatest love story - no one would have loved anyone like this, And when we are in pain we believe our pain in the greatest in the world - nobody would have been so unfortunate to witness this.

Thought for TODAY:23rd January 2012

Hope,love and faith are the three most important surviving needs for a person. We truly are dead without any one of them .

Book Review: A Calendar too crowded by Sagarika Chakraborty


Thought for TODAY:22nd January 2012

However important you could be in someone's life or would have done something incredible for them ; there comes a stage in life when it all becomes worthless and  you are reduced to a nobody.

Thought for TODAY:21st January 2012

Many times in life there are instances when the only thing your heart wants to do is cry madly but you still have to smile as if nothing is amiss to avoid unnecessary questions.

Thought for TODAY:20th January 2012

It is said some relationships God chooses for you and some you choose for yourself. But it is also true that sometimes in life some relationships choose YOU

Thought for TODAY:19th January 2012

However much you love someone - you just cannot seem to convince them about an impending disaster. You can just stand and watch helplessly, hoping they are not hurt beyond repair.

Thought for TODAY:18th January 2012

Most of the times in life we find love and compassion at places where we are least expecting.

Thought for TODAY:17th January 2012

Most of the time we have a habit of creating a mountain out of a molehill. Somethings just don't deserve that much of importance.

Thought for TODAY:16th January 2012

All good things in life seem like sand - the harder you want to hold them the faster they pass away.

Thought for TODAY:15th January 2012

Love surpasses everything. No hurt can win against a warm hug, No tear can triumph over a loving smile, No worries can face a tender kiss, Nothing can stand against the sheer power of LOVE.

Thought for TODAY:14th January 2012

" Let Go " - However simple it might seem to say, it is perhaps one of the most difficult things to do.

Thought for TODAY:13th January 2012

Sometimes it takes a very unfortunate incident in life to make you realize someone's worth and importance.

Thought for TODAY:12th January 2012

It is very important to let bygones be bygones and forgive your near and dear ones. Sometimes it gets too late to do that.

Thought for TODAY:11th January 2012

Things change at the blink of an eye and so do people. Most of the times there is no rationale behind their behavior. Simply put , " They are what they are ."

Thought for TODAY:10th January 2012

Most of the times we tend to misjudge people. We either over expect or under expect but never stop expecting and accept them as they are.

Thought for TODAY:9th January 2012

It is very easy to make someone smile but it is very difficult to please someone.

Book Review: Life Is What You Make It by Preeti Shenoy

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Thought for TODAY:8th January 2012

Whenever we meet anyone new just like there is something known as " Instant Liking " there is something known as " Instant Hatred ". Just as the former is not in your hands so is the latter. Don't fret over it...accept it the way you accept the liking.

Thought for TODAY:7th January 2012

Most important time to hold your temper is when other person has lost it; Most important to lose your ego is when the other person has held it.

Thought for TODAY:6th January 2012

We all have our own versions of perfections. All the time we are so busy comparing things with our own barometer that we actually tend to miss out occasions when things really get perfect.

Thought for TODAY: 5th January 2012

Nothing is forever.  All this planning is futile as the future is uncertain but still that doesn't stop us from planning all over again.

Thought for TODAY:4th January 2012

Love is a very strong emotion and so is hatred.  Let NOT the best one win because the triumph of hatred results into a failure of much more than just love.

Thought for TODAY:3rd January 2012

It hurts to see your loved ones in hurts more to see you cant do anything about it.

Thought for TODAY:2nd January 2012

Everytime  you MISS someone you CARE for someone you LOVE someone you WANT someone you NEED someone Let that " SOMEONE " know. It always feels good to know you are liked, wanted and cared for.

Thought for TODAY: 1st January 2012

" Nothing is forever. Despite all the money, power, name and fame we might have gathered at the end of the day you are only a helpless human being in the hands of destiny. "

Book Review: 34 bubblegums and candies by Preeti Shenoy

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