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For You

Picture Courtesy : Google Images Loving you has changed my life completely, as if it had been incomplete till now. I just simply fell in love with you, don't ask me HOW? Your lovely face and a smile so sweet, made my heart skip a beat. Falling in love was so beautiful - Life became so colourful!!! You have strewn my path with flowers of happiness. And filled my life with the perfume of your sweetness. I admire the way you understand me just when I have difficulty in finding words I can manage to say- I Love You!

Thought for TODAY:31st December 2011

Let the motto for this new year be “MORE” More happiness…. More love……… More care………. More success……. More friends…. More family time….. More wishes…. More dreams……. More goals…. Just like the Pepsi advt says, “ Yeh dil maange MORE!!!!” Keep asking till you get it.