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Currently, not accepting any unsolicited review requests.

**Please read over my review policy before contacting me for a review.**

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~Genres I enjoy reading~

  • Fiction - Drama, Women Fiction, Social Issues, Romance, YA, Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller.
  • Non fiction - Self help, Business, Economics, Global Affairs, Memoirs, Biographies, Travel,Spirituality.
~Review Copies I accept ~
  •  Paperback / Hardbound 
  • E-book (Kindle version only)
~About my reviews ~
  • I love books. I believe a lot of effort goes behind every book. My grandfather used to say, " There is nothing called a 'bad' book. Every book teaches you something. Sometimes it is the dos while sometimes it is the donts" Precisely for this reason I DON'T rate books on my blog.
  • I give them a "Foodie Verdict" which basically is the dish that comes to my mind after reading a book. If you like that dish then there are high chances of you enjoying the book. However I do rate them on Goodreads/ Amazon.
  • Once received a book is reviewed within 4-5 weeks on the blog unless of any unseen circumstances in which case you will be informed before hand about the delay. 
  • In the segment "Behind the Book" I interview authors and also host them for guest posts.

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