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My mother introduced me to reading when I was 5. I was a hyper active child wanting to do loads of things in the shortest possible time. And she thought books will help me use my energies in a better manner. She was so right.... since then till now my appetite for books just keeps increasing day by day. Something that began as a hobby is now a passion. Something I cannot live without. I thrive on books, if I can say that and yes I am bibliophile much to the disappointment of my mother now as she hates me getting lost in books oblivious to her !

This blog was started to share my love for books and has since then just grown manifolds as for me the picture says it all what I feel about reading. I read and I review and I review and I read... its a happy never ending cycle.

If you are an author, and would like me to review your book please feel free to drop in a word.

P.S:  In accordance with the new FTC Publishes Final Guides Governing Endorsements, Testimonials for bloggers, I would like to clarify that all the book reviews posted on my blog represent my personal opinions of any and/or all books read and reviewed. I do not accept any monetary compensation for books that I review at the request of an author, publisher or agent. These books are provided to me at no charge. All the readers/visitors of the blog will be informed about the same and it will be specified in all the reviews. 

Every person has a writer and a poet in them. This is something I strongly believe. Some give it shape through words, while some do through their actions... because poetry is the language of heart which every heart yearns to listen. On this blog I randomly share my poetic views apart from the other musings I conjure time to time on anything and everything.

Behind a Book
As a writer and a reader I appreciate the effort that goes behind each word that is printed in a book. In an endeavour to know what all it takes to make it till there, this segment is dedicated to the authors. I interview them here in an attempt to know them better and otherwise the authors are free to use this segment to talk about their new releases incase they wish to. In case you would like to be featured there, please drop in a word.
About Me

A child - woman, a dreamer, a dancer, a bibliophile, a poetess, a writer, a painter, a singer, a go-getter, a doer and an achiever by passion is how I can be described.  Having spent close to three decades on this planet I am still very inquisitive about this enigma called LIFE though it is my biggest teacher and inspiration. I recently quit my decade old career in finance to embrace the title of an editor in an upcoming publishing house. 

Mastering the nuances of finance does not deter me from giving voice to my inner most feelings at my other blog Memoirs of Me . Having been bitten by the writing bug very early in age I had her poem published in a coffee table book “Letters from Soul” by London Society of poets an anthology of poems at the age of 17.

Apart from being a reviewer for leading publishing houses and writing for  Kaleidoscope e-zine  and Women's Era, my stories have been published in various anthologies along with my solo release Metro Diaries.

My world is made up of loads of wonderful books, a handful of beautiful souls and tons of memories I gather every moment. I dreams of making a difference to the world, one word at a time!

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Love and Joy always,

Me <3

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