Book Review: Address Book – A Publishing Memoir in the time of COVID by Ritu Menon

Namrata reviews Ritu Menon’s publishing memoir, Address Book (Women Unlimited, 2021) calling it ticketless travel especially in these dark times when we are all couped up in our homes. 

  • Published by: Women Unlimited 
  • Year: 2021 
  • Price: INR 300 

As I held, Address Book, Ritu Menon’s publishing memoir in the time of COVID, I could feel the excitement building in my heart and mind. Here was a person who has been a part of the publishing industry for more than three decades. Known as a feminist publisher, she has published some of the most iconic titles under her publishing house, apart from writing some brilliant books herself. In short, here was someone who had witnessed this industry grows and become what it is today. Imagine the stories she had to share!

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