Book Review: Made in China by Parinda Joshi

About the Book

Raghu Mehta is a desperate man. His handicraft imports business has unexpectedly collapsed and cash is drying out quickly, his wife thinks he is a loser and society considers him irrelevant. Meanwhile, his closest friends and family all seem to be running flourishing businesses and living luxurious lives in Surat, the diamond capital of India.

A trip to China to scout for a new consumer goods business offers a glimmer of hope. But Raghu instead gets sucked into the black-market trade in the back alleys of Beijing. Everything about this new opportunity goes against his god-fearing, vegetarian, middle-class mindset - can he quash his natural instincts to make a success of it?

Darkly comical, 'Made in China' is a soul-stirring and thrilling entrepreneurial journey of a man willing to do anything he can to make it big.

About the Author

Parinda Joshi is the author of three novels: Live From London, Powerplay and Made in China.

Made in China is now a major motion picture by Maddock Films starring Rajkummar Rao, Boman Irani and Mouni Roy, Sumeet Vyas, and Paresh Rawal among others.

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Having grown up in Gujarat, I tend to have a special weakness for books that are feature this place. More so, if it is one of the cities I have lived and loved - like Ahmedabad. The story suddenly no longer seems a story. Rather it becomes an incident happening right before my eyes with people I have known and grown up with. It is like a killer deja vu and that is exactly how I felt reading this book.

After reading about Raghu and his experiences with setting up business, I was nostalgic for days. A walk down the memory lane- that is exactly how I felt while reading this story. The characters are so relatable and the language extremely simply and connectable. Loved the local flavours brought alive in the narrative by the author. Special brownie points for ensuring the simplicity and innocence reminiscent of most of the natives of Gujarat reflected in story along with their shrewd and cunning business sense. In those pages, a very different Gujarat comes alive. One that we live in no doubt, but seldom observe, like the author did. There were certain nuances brought out so beautifully that it filled me with pride. Though there are certain aspects of the plot that took me by surprise, there were many portions which left me beaming. A book that I really loved reading till the last word.

Coming to the writing, well it just flows. Wacky, gripping, poignant and evocative in the perfect doses this book makes for an immersing read. There is not a single dull moment in the whole book. It is like being on a roll with one adventure after the another to witness. The narrative is so descriptive that it feels as if you are watching a movie. The scenes unfold before your eyes as the characters take over your senses with their story. 

Quirky, witty, funny and exciting - this book is a must read for all who are looking for light and enjoyable reads. Breezy and fun, this book promises to entertain you till the last page.