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Redefining Life - Supernova by Md Faiz Yusuf

Someone had once told me, ' Debut novels are always inspired from real life. It is only much later that we get better at camouflaging reality with fiction. So if you want to know an author, always read their first ever book and you will never be disappointed .' Long after finishing Supernova, I kept thinking about these words. Was I reading a real life story or was I reading a deadly combination of reality and fiction where it was difficult to decipher which was what? Still trying to find an answer, but as of now let's talk about how the book made me feel.

Life in Verses by Faiz Yusuf (Guest Post)

I read this somewhat peculiar quote recently that goes like: "Sometimes you need to push the water down to keep the boat afloat". It was quite bizarre at first if I am being honest, but as moments lingered and time took its usual due course to thrust some sense into me, I was made to see what I so boldly chose to ignore previously- you often need to undertake the unconventional stuff, possibly impossible and maybe sometimes even illogical, to keep certain things running in their infallible order. Moreover, you are never out of options and I feel like knowing that just gives you some kind of satisfying hope to lodge on.