Book Review: The girl in the forest (Swiss Stories #1) Carmen Weiz

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From the Blurb:

From the pine tree forests of Switzerland, a thriller-romance which will take your sleep away… A sad twist of the destiny catapults Anna, young Brazilian woman, into a reality greater than her.

Driven by desire to help and make the good, she’ll find herself slave of human trafficking gangs, in the hands of merciless torturers ready to sell her to the richest bidder.

Only using her cunning she’ll be able to escape, helped by the Swiss officer Thomas Graff, a man with an icy heart and past he can’t leave behind. The crash between two different cultures that will make sparks fly!

This is Anna’s story, undeservedly a victim like many other women. Among intrigues, betrayal, crimes and games of fate, the young lady will fight for freedom and love.

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I had been avoiding romance novels for a while now mainly because I was tired of the same old plot lines with nothing much to offer to a reader. But the moment I read the blurb of this book by Carmen Weiz I knew I had to read this one. The title is not only intriguing but is also something that tickles your imagination to an extent that you want to know more about Anna!

I really enjoyed reading this fast paced novel which takes us through the journey of Anna. She has been a victim of lies and treachery, with no other option left but to fight it out. And she does that, so brilliantly that you cannot help but applaud her strength and poise. Anna comes across as someone who is confused and totally unsure about what she wants from life in the beginning but as the story progresses you witness her transformation into a confident and strong young woman.

The story takes place in the pine forests of Switzerland with scenic locales described beautifully by the author. She makes all the places come alive in those pages with her poetic prose. Exciting, evocative and touching - the narrative is one that can set your heartbeats thudding. The characters have been well defined, making them more than mere cardboard cutouts unlike other romance novels. Exploring various underlying themes like human trafficking, abandonment, debauchery, heart break and loss of loved ones in life, the author weaves a gripping tale of love and freedom. 

This epic saga has quite a handful of scenes which classify this book as an adult read. However, that doesn't take away the powerful prose and lucidity of the language used by the author throughout the novel. For a debutante she has a done a stellar job!

Recommended for romance lovers!

(P.S: I got this book for review from the author.)


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