Book Review: To Hell and Back: Not all Tragedies are Orchestrated by Fate by Anurag Anand



Genre: Fiction / Thriller

Publishers: Readomania

Price: Rs. 250/- (I got the book for review from the publisher)

Behind the Book

A mindless road-rage incident leaves a young and promising entrepreneur dead. Is it an accident, or a cold-blooded murder, planned to absolute perfection?

Namrata, a young professional, is enveloped by all the quintessential elements of life in the fast lane a staling marriage, an extramarital affair and eyes full of dreams, until a fun evening turns into a chilling nightmare for her.

Renu, a girl living in a world marred by regressive customs and dated practices, has resigned to the patriarchal ways of her world, until they begin to cast their malicious shadows on her unborn child.

Their worlds, although separate, intersect each other in a single strike of tragedy that none could have imagined. It is then that this story begins and sends everyone’s life on a dizzy tailspin.

Will they be able to get back to their safe and secure lives?

To Hell and Back is a fast-paced thriller that will not only keep you on tenterhooks till the very end, but it shall also rattle your beliefs on how ‘crime-proof’ the world that you live in truly is.

About the Author

Anurag is a management professional who started his parellel career in writing at the age of 25 when he published his first non-fiction title, 'Pillars of Success'. After his second non-fiction title, he shifted to the fiction genre and since then he has authored several books including bestsellers like The Legend of Amrapali and The Quest for Nothing.

Anurag's works have been lauded for their realistic treatment of subjects and the life-like interplay between characters.

Reading this book was a surreal experience for multiple reasons. For starters I share my name with one of the protagonists and believe me when I say it is unnerving to read a thriller with your name-sake as the main lead who is the victim!

Coming from the house of Readomania I was already rest assured about what's in store as that is on publishing house I associate with quality content and good entertainment value as a reader.

Getting to the review - I would like to start with the cover. It is vibrant and at the same time is intriguing. I loved how it set the tone for a reader as to what is in store. Though this is the first book I have read by the author Anurag Anand, I must say I now want to read his other works. He has done a spectacular job in this thriller with a narrative that is gripping and taut till the last T. The plot is brilliant and the execution is the icing on the cake. He has done complete justice to the theme of suspense and retained that element all throughout the book.

It rattled me quite a bit to read how easily we take everything around us for granted including the people and the apps we use on daily basis. Our lives have began to rely so heavily on technology that we don't realise the harmful cons it brings along with it. The subject of the book is so relatable that it gave me goosebumps just imagining what if it were to happen in real life. The author's writing prowess is clearly visible in his language skills which empower the narrative and story further making it a page turner. The characters are interesting, both totally plausible as someone whom you know in real life or worse, it could actually be YOU! While I write this review, this could actually be happening to someone at this very moment.

It is this that makes this book all the more intriguing and exciting. Strongly recommended to all thriller lovers, Anurag Anand is one author you surely should look out for!
Foodie Verdict

This book is like Besan ki Sabji  - don't let the simple looks misguide you, it is exotic and flavourful as it can get !

Source: Shakahari Rasoi!