Book Review: Nothing But the Plane Truth- Revelations by a Flight Attendant by Pinky Eppaturi


ISBN 978-9381506929

Genre: Non-Fiction

Publishers: Amaryllis

Price: Rs. 399/-  ( I got the book for review from the publisher)
Behind the Book
Meet Pari Abraham. A girl who wears her heart on her sleeve and is forever smitten by the travel bug. Accomplished flight attendant and insatiable explorer. She takes you on a magical tour around the world, offering you a ring-side view of life on an airplane... where the next adventure is always just round the corner!

From the deeply moving experience of meeting Mother Teresa in her home for abandoned children in Kolkata to eye-opening conversations with professional performers in an Amsterdam strip club... From battling the aftermath of 9/11 to jumping into medical-aid mode to rescue a passenger from the narrow jaws of death... Feisty, fun and full of zest, this is one roller-coaster ride you don't want to miss!

About the Author

Pinky Eppaturi has been a flight attendant and has worked with two international airlines for several years. She is also a qualified Human Factors and Behaviors trainer, having trained many pilots and cabin crew in essential non-technical safety skills. She blogs at Nothing But the Plane Truth is her first book.

If you have ever been bitten by the wanderlust bug, then this book is the dream-come-true moment you have been waiting for all your life. It is a ticket for an around the world tour, directly from the comforts of your home.  Because this is the story of a girl who not only dreamt of seeing the whole world but also did so, while working as an air-hostess.

Sassy, quirky and full of (mis) adventures, Nothing but the plane truth promises to be an entertaining read. What starts as a young teenage girl sharing her dreams, albeit a bit timidly meta morphs into a confident young lady who is raring to take on the world. That transformation is a treat to watch. It is said, travel is the best teacher in life and this book goes onto prove that true.

When the author, Pinky talks about the nondescript locations she has travelled to and her experiences thereof, you cannot help by experience 'fernweh' ( a longing for a place you have never been to before!) You experience her fears, her doubts, her joy and most importantly her enthusiasm is infectious. Throughout the story, her love for life and all that she does is clearly resplendent and that is truly heartwarming to read. It makes you feel proud of her, though you have never met her till now.

Replete with loads of insider information which otherwise we would have never know, this book is an engaging read. Reading this book is like being in an aeroplane, where you are shown the whole world and the journey has its own share of ups and downs too. In short, a perfectly entertaining read, one that you could read when you need a dose of self motivation to push yourself to keep chasing those dreams.

Every dream is a just a leap of faith away. Sometimes that leap takes all your courage but once you manage that, the world that is waiting for you on the other side is overwhelming. That is exactly what happened in her case too. It took one scary moment, where she decided to trust her instinct and just go for it. That one moment was a life changing one for her. Today when I read her life story and looked back at her life, the way she showed it to me I was touched and at the same time was truly inspired.

Her story is a motivation for all women out there, to never let anyone else define your dreams. To never let anyone stop you from chasing your dreams and most importantly to never let anyone tell you, 'You Cannot!'.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading her experiences, both as a woman and as a travel junkie. This book is a perfect treat for all dreamers whose sole aim in life is to touch the sky and make it their own.

Foodie Verdict

This book is like Nutella Croissant - a slice of heaven in every bite!

Source: Eat Like Italian


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