Book Review: Home at Last- A Journey Toward Higher Consciousness by Sarada Chiruvolu


ISBN 9781935952763

Genre: Non-Fiction/Spirituality

Publishers: Amaryllis Publishing

Price: Rs. 399/-  ( I got the book for review from the publisher)
Behind the Book
Home at Last explains specific landmarks that we encounter during the journey toward enlightenment, based on the author’s direct experience.

The book also lets readers know what they can expect when confronting the mysterious, awakened inner force called kundalini. It explains how our outlook and goals change radically as kundalini directs our day-to-day life. Part spiritual memoir, part meditation handbook, Chiruvolu’s writings are clear and accessible yet contain profound spiritual insights covering:

• The nature of prana, or vital life force; how to increase its presence in our system; and the process of transmitting pranic energy from teacher to student.
• Detailed information on the important roles of diet, exercise, and training the mind in preparation for the journey of realization.
• The physical and psychological challenges one can expect during the extended process of awakening.
• Possible impediments to raising the energy, and how to transcend them.
• How to adapt to living and working with this powerful new energy in the context of everyday life.

About the Author

Sarada Chiruvolu left a pharmaceutical career to pursue a spiritual calling. She set out on a unique journey that has taken her toward attaining realization of Self or Enlightenment through many years of deep meditation. Over the years since, she continues to lead a normal family life integrating that profound state dedicating her time toward various philanthropic pursuits where ever she can make a difference. She lives in Princeton, NJ. She travels extensively to other countries and annually to India to work toward this mission.

"That's what literature is. It's the people who went before us, tapping out messages from the past, from beyond the grave, trying to tell us about life and death! Listen to them!"Connie Willis
This book for me was like a message from the Universe. How often in life do you wish to know the unknown, listen to the unsaid and understand the unheard? For me the answer has to be very often and this book helped in understanding all about that journey I needed to undertake in order to reach that state of consciousness. I like how the author has called it "Home- At last", because that is exactly where you find yourself after finishing this book... Home. Your heart and soul are in perfect tandem and you realize that your home is actually the whole universe and not this body, or the house you stay in with your loved ones.

With a beautiful and soothing cover like that and an equally evocative layout inside the book sets the right tone for a reader as to what can be expected from it. It is like a warm and cozy room, decorated with candles and flowers, inviting you to sit down and contemplate.

Part memoir - part spiritual essays - part learnings from her own experiences , Home, at last by Sarada Chiruvolu is a book that left me with answers for all the questions I was seeking within. It is a soothing feeling to read this book and try to absorb each and every word served with love by the author. I had read somewhere that our destination is decided much before we arrive on this earth, but from time to time we need Gurus or guiding lights to show us the path that leads us to it. I can easily say this book was one such guiding light.

Through her own journey of self-discovery , the author attempts to help us in our journey. We could be anywhere in that journey, about to begin, already begin but lost, half way there but tired, this book is the perfect motivation needed in any of these stages.  There is a strange comfort in her words, which though immensely powerful are equally touching. The unpredictability of life, in terms of everything starting from birth to death, this book captures its rawest essence very aptly. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it slowly, devouring chapter after chapter, going into hibernation mode after that to allow my mind to process it and meditate on all that I read. There were some portions which actually felt like a step by step guide to tapping on your inner most feelings and re-analyzing them.

Overall,an immensely evocative book. One that helped me address the feeling of being lost in this world by showing me the real home!

Strongly recommended to one and all. This is one book that is the need of the moment , if like me you are feeling lost in life. 
Foodie Verdict

This book is like Banana Pooris - Rare, untapped  but delicious nevertheless in every bite!

Source: Veg Recipes of India