Book Review: The Paradise Flycatcher (Feather Tales) by Deepak Dalal, Krishna Bala Shenoy (Illustrator)


Genre: Fiction/ Children's Books

Publishers: Puffin Books

Price: Rs. 250/-  ( I got the book for review from the publisher)
Behind the Book

My Snowdrop is rare, he is exotic. He is the most wonderful squirrel in the whole wide world. I want my squirrel back.

The Rose Garden's beloved squirrel, Shikar-Snowdrop to young Mitalee-has vanished without a trace. No one can find him! Last seen in the company of a paradise flycatcher-a stunning bird with a long white tail-he has left no other trail. So, to save their friend, the loyal bird gang must fly to distant forests to track down the glamorous creature, who might just be able to help.

Return to the ledges of the fountain in the Rose Garden to read about the enthralling capers of your favourite feathered friends and bird-squirrel as they swap stories of daring and wonder.

About the Author

Deepak Dalal chucked up a career as a chemical engineer to write stories for children. He lives currently in Pune with his wife, two daughters and several dogs and cats. He enjoys wildlife, nature and the outdoors. The Sahyadri Hills of Pune are a short journey from his home. When not at his desk writing, he is either trekking their slopes or cycling their valleys.

If there is one advice I could give to all adults it would be to never stop reading children’s books, keep believing in fairy tales and magic.

Reading this book transported me to the magical world of small children where the belief “Anything is possible” is the strongest. A suitable read for young children this book is an enthralling read, with its beautiful illustrations. Here I would like to mention the tremendous detailing in each of the scenes / sketches done by the illustrator, it is like a perfect cherry on the cake.

Written in a lucid manner, this book tells us the story of Mitalee, the beloved squirrel of The Rose Garden and her journey in unearthing something sinister which leads to a roller coaster ride filled with adventure, thrill and of course loads of fun. It is a heartwarming read, one that can be finished in one sitting and still manages to leave its impression on your mind. I have always admired kids for their ability to be their truest self, despite anything else. And that is something I got a glimpse of in this book too. Such honesty and such courage, it was a sheer delight to read the simple, yet moving plot of the story.

Strongly recommended to all kids – including the one who lives in your adult heart! This one will leave you with smiles, all day long.

Foodie Verdict

This book is like Khajoor rolls - traditionally rooted yet unique with perfectly balanced natural flavours!

Source: Vahrehvah


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